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Shall We?

Sometimes great things come in quick packages!

Honestly! They really do!

I absolutely love ‘quickies’ but I think it’s fair to say that the general consensus is that they’re not great. Probably because ‘quickies’ are, well, quick and known for being unsatisfying. But guess what - too much of anything — yes, even slow, sensual and intimate sex becomes bland if that's all that's going on. Plus, quickies are all kinds of fun. They're hot and filled with urgent ‘need’ (just how I like it).

Picture this for example:

You and your partner are at a party - there’s nothing better than teasing them throughout the night. Sending racy text messages, flirting, brushing against them and whispering naughty, dirty things in their ear.

Then later in the evening when you’ve whipped them into a frenzy pull them to one side for a ‘quickie’.

Hands down nothing beats that when you’re overcome with desire and ‘need’. A need for raw and passionate quick sex. Plus trying to keep quiet when you’re turned on just adds to the deliciousness of it all.

So what’s not to love about a ‘quickie’?!

Shall we?


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