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Dirty Talk

Noun: sexually explicit speech or conversation intended to seduce or arouse someone.

What is it with dirty talk? Damn it’s just so sexy!

For me, sex should be somewhat dirty. Not in an unhygienic way, hell no. But in a way that if it carries an element of prohibition and forbidden pleasure, then my mind gets even more aroused by it.

So adding dirty talk to physical sexual activity makes for a potent, powerful combination (in my opinion).

Dirty talk creates tension and anticipation. It can also help you express what you like and want in bed.

Me, I love being grabbed from behind, my lover describing exactly what it is they are going to do to me! I like sexual commands, instruction, rude words.

And don’t forget to be vocal with those moans and gasps. These ‘exquisite’ noises let your partner know that you’ve taken them to a place of ecstasy!

As far as I’m concerned the louder the moans and the ruder the words the better. You want me to be a wet sticky pool of desire then let me hear what I do to you in the ‘dirtiest’ language possible.


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