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A First-time

Your first love, first kiss, first of anything - my guess is you can remember and you probably remember the moment with vivid clarity.

Our first time experiences are important, sometimes nerve wracking but usually, and hopefully, exciting too. We associate first times with youth, but I think it’s something we should continue to seek out as adults. It’s great having stories to tell about encounters that made you smile, blush or simply got your adrenaline pumping.

Experiences shape us, broaden our mind, help us figure out what we want or don’t want. What we like or don’t like. What we love or hate. What we end up craving more of.

Me, I’ve always been curious about anal sex. It would appear that some people love it, others hate it - but, as with most things in life you have to try something to really know. My most recent first time experience was yep, you’ve guessed it, anal sex. Other than the ‘typical’ questions like:

I wonder if it’s painful, will I actually enjoy it, what about any ‘mess’? I genuinely had no idea what to expect.

Well I’m happy to report my first time anal experience was sexy, sensual and amazing. An experience I will always remember and one I’ll repeat (often). It wasn’t rushed – lots of kissing and foreplay. It felt very, very intimate. There is the whole ‘taboo’ element which adds to the excitement but my experience while ‘naughty’ also felt very loving. It’s an erotic act that makes you feel connected to your partner. Perhaps it’s the Dominance/submission aspect. Anal feels carnal - his hands on your hips as he thrusts and claims you in a very personal way.

Personally, I enjoyed the ‘full’ sensation and initial penetration. We didn’t even need lube as my own arousal was enough! In all fairness, we had lots of touching and teasing beforehand so I was more than ready to try. And don’t forget clitoral stimulation during the ‘act’ as it makes for an incredible orgasm - especially if your partner can wrap an arm around your waist and stroke your ‘sweet spot’.

Undoubtedly, trust is a massive element and you must want to try. It’s something best enjoyed relaxed, eager and aroused.

So I guess the moral of the story is open yourself up to brand new experiences, get excited about ‘adult’ firsts. Go explore that sexual desire you’ve always been curious about. Actually go explore any desire you’ve always been curious about. What are you waiting for? GO!

Max Bonny top tips for anal:

  1. Anal training - get used to wearing a butt plug and try various sizes (this definitely helps and is something you can do solo)

  2. You might need lube (or, if you’re like me, your own arousal may be enough)

  3. Take things slowly at first until you adjust to the feeling and sensation

  4. Relax and savour the moment

  5. Communicate with your partner, it needs to be something pleasurable for both of you

  6. Enjoy the experience!


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