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Magic Umi

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Dragon Sun

The Magic Umi arrived in a timely manner, and in a very beautifully styled, if not exactly discrete, box. The material had a very pleasant feel upon inspection and its flexibility was a plus. The instructions for operations were fairly simple, though the app was a bit of a pain to install. Likely due to my lack of tech friendliness!

Upon operation under lifestyle use, I found that it performed quite well, with the exception that some of the modes seemed a bit repetitive. The flexibility made insertion very comfortable for my partner, but did give a small issue with less intense pressure in certain places.

Clean-up was simple, though the softer material meant a bit more care in drying it had to be taken.

The one drawback was the charging. It could not be stored out of site, for those with children, and had to be left in a very specific position. This was caused by the magnetic charger connection, and the stiffness of the charge cord.

I would definitively recommend this product.

Product Summary:

Material: ABS and hypoallergenic silicone

Power supply: USB charging (cord included)

Free: Whats Sense app on Play Store(Android) and Apple Store(iOS)

Additional: Waterproof

The Magic Umi can be purchased via the HoneySX website. Worldwide shipping available.

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