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Hibiscus 2.0 (H2O)

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By Max Bonny

Part of the new luxe range by Pleasure Jardin the H2O is a g-spot and clitoris suction vibrator. Yes, you read that correctly - it stimulates you in all the right places ... simultaneously.

If you’re in the mood to take things ‘slow’ the features can be used independently, in other words, you control the intensity of the suction and vibrations specifically for the areas you want to stimulate. What more can you ask for? Yet they provide much more: stylish product cleaner, lube and a discreet satin pouch but more on that later.

This is a great product for solo play and also something that can be introduced, (and enjoyed), by your partner. I tried both options - purely for research purposes obviously!

Solo play:

I really enjoyed having the option to control both areas independently. I had the g-spot head at maximum intensity and the clitoris suction at a lower setting. I have an extremely sensitive clitoris and my preference is for a more gentle action that allows me to keep the toy on my clitoris to build-up slowly to drawn out delicious intense orgasms. And boy this toy certainly did that! I climaxed multiple times and enjoyed every one! I was NOT disappointed!

The strawberry flavoured lube that is included with the toy is a nice addition, has a nice texture and consistency and actually tastes ok too!

The H2O is a luxury toy made of silicone and my version came in a gorgeous shade of pink. Fortunately it’s also waterproof…try it in the bath or shower! I haven’t done that yet but trust me I’m going to!

Partner play:

Masturbation doesn't have to be a solo affair. Make the most of your alone time... together!

My significant other couldn’t wait to use this toy on me and we both REALLY enjoyed it. He took great pleasure in inserting the toy, placing the suction area directly on my clitoris and taking control of the settings; however, it doesn’t end there!

We both enjoy anal sex and it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try the toy while engaging in one of our favourite sexual acts. So we did. For me having him inside me this way while my clitoris was being ‘sucked’ and my g-spot stimulated was intense and incredible.

Judging by the smile on his face and the way he collapsed into me afterwards, it’s fair to say he got a lot more pleasure from this than he expected as well.

If anal is your thing then this is highly recommended - try this toy with your partner for stunning DP orgasms! I’m absolutely certain that you won’t be disappointed!

Other key features of this toy:

•2 hour charge time with 1 full hour of play

•Rechargeable via USB port

•1 year warranty

Also included:

•Satin fabric drawstring bag

•10ml Silver/Gold bottled product cleaner

•50ml Lube (Strawberry /Peach /Cherry)

Final thoughts:

A luxury toy with discreet luxury packaging. The dual independent controls provide for intense incredible orgasms. The H2O is fantastic for solo play but is also a great addition for sexy time with your partner.

I highly recommend this product!

Pleasure Jardin H2O

Discount available for subscribers.

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