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Glass Cucumber Toy

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By The Secret Submissive

The latest addition to my Joy Box is the super-fun Cucumber Glass Dildo from my friends at Pleasure Jardin! This cute toy is so different to my other glass dildos and it immediately brought a smile to my face, with its quirky Cucumber design. I love all glass toys and I adore ribbing and texture! With this in mind, I was definitely excited to have a taste of this juicy little fellow… are you ready for this?

First Impressions…

The Cucumber Glass Dildo is the smallest glass toy I own, measuring in at just under (a comfortable) 7-inches in length. The shaft is ever so slightly curved and one end of the glass dildo is tapered; also, the majority of the length is adorned with small, raised bumps, to help resemble a juicy Cucumber! The toy is made of beautifully clear and sparkling glass and the bumps are a soft shade of lime, giving it a pretty finish, particularly in the light. It’s an extremely tactile and inviting toy that added a fun element to my playtime. Even though it's clearly well-made and could withstand a good, hard, intense session, I really love the way it doesn’t take itself too seriously – you can’t help but look at it and grin, knowing where it’s about to go! Sex and masturbation should be fun and Pleasure Jardin’s Cucumber Glass Dildo definitely brings some light relief!

My First Play…

Glass toys are clean and hygienic which I really love as there is no fuss involved. I wanted to play with the Cucumber Glass Dildo as soon as I received it in the post and so I just lathered it up with some antibacterial soap and rinsed it with warm water. Simple! This toy is a fabulous size – it’s perfectly palm-sized and easy to manoeuvre. Furthermore, the glass bumps provide extra grip, even when it’s slick and wet or coated in slippery lube. My first intimate encounter was during the middle of the afternoon, on my bed, and I was certainly ready for release. I squirted a drop of lube directly onto the wider end of the Cucumber Glass Dildo, to reduce any friction and heighten stimulation, and rubbed it between my lips, from my clit to my opening. The glass felt cool against the heat of my body and every slow stroke turned me on and made me tingle. The textured shaft is an absolute dream and as I increased speed and pressure, it quickly pushed me towards orgasm. This isn’t something I’ve experienced with a non-vibrating toy before – usually, it takes me a lot longer to reach that point!

Once the toy was sufficiently heated by the neediness of my body, I spread my legs and slowly inserted the Cucumber Glass Dildo, vaginally, to about half its length. The narrow shaft and smooth end helped it to go as deep as I wanted it, with ease. Again, I loved having complete control and being able to enjoy the sensation of the nodules without any pressure or discomfort. The smaller size of the Cucumber Glass Dildo made it ideal for fucking. As I increased the pace and rhythm, I moved from lying on my back to all-fours, and tilted the toy against my front pussy-wall, to stimulate my g-spot. Wow! The friction of the textured shaft must have stimulated so many nerve-endings because I was absolutely dripping wet in minutes!

I played in this way for a long time – alternating between rubbing my lips and clit and fucking myself, both gently and more vigorously. It took the same amount of time as manual stimulation but I was able to reach orgasm with the Cucumber Glass Dildo! It was a wet and satisfying release which was actually somewhat more gratifying than a buzzy, battery-operated climax! I really felt like I got to know my body a little more, through this toy, and I certainly felt like I earned that orgasm!

Temperature Play…

Glass toys are perfect for temperature play and the Cucumber Glass Dildo was no different. Obviously, owing to its compact size, it achieved heated/ cooled far quicker than my other toys but it didn’t take long for me to figure out how long to leave it and if you’re as impatient as me when you’re horny, it’s definitely an added bonus. I took a mini ice bucket of iced water into the shower and submerged the toy in it. I alternated, also heating the Cucumber Glass Dildo under the hot, steamy shower stream and used it both externally and internally. The glass bumps felt even more satisfying when coupled with temperature play and I really enjoyed playing with the toy in this way. Whether you’re new to glass toys or temperature play, or not, I think the combination provided by the knobbly surface of the Cucumber Glass Dildo is something worth exploring and enjoying… I certainly did!

Anal Adventures…

When a toy satisfies me vaginally, it’s usually even better anally, and so I couldn’t resist testing my theory with the Cucumber Glass Dildo. I was a little worried that the textured shaft may irritate the sensitive lining of my anus so it was important to me that I had a good quality, water-based lubricant (I find it to be the most gentle). Before using the Cucumber Glass Dildo, I warmed up and relaxed my body by using a clitoral stimulator. Once I was wet, excited and ready for penetration, I coated the wider end of the toy, and half of the shaft, with a generous dollop of lube and I slowly worked it inside myself. The glass was cold and tingly in the best way and heated quickly once it was inside me. I absolutely loved the way the toy was easy to handle and in no way intimidating. I shouldn’t have worried about the effect of the glass bumps because they felt amazing! As soon as I started to slowly fuck myself, I was leaking pussy juice in minutes!

The width and length of the Cucumber Glass Dildo were certainly satisfying enough for me and I loved feeling its firmness when I clenched around it. The sensations also varied depending on how wide I spread my legs which was interesting. When I used this toy anally, I was able to insert it nearly all the way and I then used a clitoral vibrator to achieve intense orgasms and even gushing! The textured surface provided unbelievable pleasure and this is a feature I will definitely look for when I made future sex toy purchases. I also enjoyed fitting a butt plug and then using the Cucumber Glass Dildo in my pussy and over my clit. I was able to revel in the pleasure of double-penetration without feeling like I had to slow my pace or ease into it. Sometimes, a girl just wants it hard and rough and that’s okay!

What’s the Verdict?

If you’re looking to explore texture and you’re happy with a smaller dildo, this is the toy for you. Whether you’re interested in solo play or looking for something to enjoy with your partner, the Cucumber Glass Dildo is definitely designed with pleasure in mind. Because it’s a durable, well-made glass toy, it’s actually a sound investment that you could enjoy for years to come. For me, this fun and quirky toy has definitely earned the right to be one of my five-a-day!

Pleasure Jardin Cucumber

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