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Whispers from the Canvas

Kath Asteria / Shelley Hossack

"Whispers from the Canvas" is an homage to the multifaceted universe of the feminine soul.

Some of you may remember seeing Sam's artwork on Indulgent Desires. If not, here's a reminder. These are digital works created using original images by Stefan of SWLphotographic.

But, we digress, Sam has recently published a book. We asked Kath Asteria and Shelley Hossack to review it, here's what they had to say:

Sam Dalton’s Whispers from the Canvas is a beautifully put together celebration and exploration of femineity and sensuality. Not only do the vivid artworks draw you in with themed colour pallets and intriguing subjects, but Dalton’s words also interweave with the imagery and tempt you to think deeper.

This book will make a fantastic addition to anyone’s coffee table, it’s certain to spark interest and even further, philosophical discussion when reflecting upon Dalton’s own thinking.

- Kath Asteria

It is obvious that Sam truly appreciates the beauty of all women as demonstrated in this captivating book:

"An ode to the timeless beauty of the female form...."

Sam has not only put brushstrokes to canvas but also pen to paper and combines his imagery with his prose. This is a truly stunning book.

- Shelley Hossack

You can purchase 'Whispers from the Canvas' here.

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