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We Played Hide the Treat in His Back Garden

Posy Churchgate

Garth’s mistress is strict, but that’s how she trains him.

Garth looks cute curled up in his crate, the picture of contentment, although he whined when I locked him in last night.

I get such pleasure from buying him collars and harnesses, to parade him in front of my friends, who are envious of his devotion and exemplary obedience.

“I’m very strict with him,” I tell them. “Sit Garth.”

He folds himself neatly at my feet, resting his chin on the tips of my high heeled leather boots.

I taught him that, keeping him in close proximity at all times, even if he dozes off. He does sometimes, this is all new to him; so much stimulation can be overwhelming.

Today I’ll teach Garth a new trick.

I treat to encourage him; rewarding displays of the correct behaviour is a very powerful tool.

“Good morning lil’ dude,” I speak softly, unlatching the crate.

His eyes fill with love and adoration. If we’re honest, that’s the main reason for keeping pets.

Garth moves carefully from the crate, stretching his back and legs. He’s watching me intently. I’m the person who feeds him and takes him for toilet breaks, I’m vital to his existence. But our relationship is more than that, he’s devoted to me and I return his affection.

“I’ll put your harness on … good boy.”

He stands while I fasten buckles round his neck, tightening the straps that encompass his chest. His breath huffs against my fishnet covered thighs. I sense excitement from his posture, the way he stiffens and strains. It’s always rewarding, how pleased he is to see me.

“Want to lick me Garth? Show your mistress you missed her? You’re lonely in your crate, but dogs shouldn’t sleep on their owner’s bed.”

I stroke behind his ears and he rubs his cheek against my thighs. He nudges his head deeper, so I let him lick me. It reassures him, scent exchange is important for an animal with pack instinct.

“Easy boy, that’s enough.” I stop him, he’s getting excited.

“Time for training,” I announce, all business again.

Garth’s alert, licking his lips, his bright eyes fixed on me for clues.

“This is new, Garth, I think you’ll like it.”

I’m holding up a small chrome object, bulb shaped on one end, tapering to a bar, with a furry tail attached to the the opposite, flared end.

“Can you guess what it’s for?” I add water-based lube.

Garth watches me intently, his head cocked in the cutest way. He’s trying to understand what I have planned.

“You’ll learn to like this, so many fun games follow once you’re properly trained.”

I bend down to his level.

“You want to have fun with mistress don’t you?”

Garth has an expressive face. We’re well attuned, so although I detect confusion, he turns obediently, presenting his rear to me. My trusting puppy. I ease in the butt plug gently, he doesn’t struggle or fuss.

“That may feel strange at first,” I tell him. “But it gets better. Let’s walk.”

Snapping the lead to the collar at Garth’s neck he moves ahead of me, crawling on all fours as I’ve taught him. My pussy flutters with excitement. He’s in great shape, he goes to the gym three times a week. It’s my pleasure to watch lats and biceps moving under his smooth skin.

I can only imagine the cold, hard weight of the anal toy in his back passage as he crawls on hands and knees. I’ve heard stimulation to the prostate gland is a little like clitoral stimulation.

I’m giving him a gift; I intend to build up his capacity with toys until he can take the strap-on.

“Good boy!” I praise effusively, patting his rump. “That feels good huh?”

If Garth’s tail was real, it would be wagging now.

“You may lick mistress,” I concede.

I stand over him, my pussy’s in reach when he raises his head. Training’s going well so far.

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