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The Toy

Sir Dragon Sun

Alexandru rested in a dark corner of the all-but-empty storage building. A dim light swung slowly from the ceiling above the makeshift crate table. His toy would wake soon, and the play would begin.

The light playing with the shadows of the rope crisscrossing her skin made him very hungry. Her flesh, covered with beads of sweat, her groggy moans, and her perfectly wet pussy created a feeling of ravenous intoxication. Even on her side, her breast stood out between the hemp ropes. Her rhythmic breathing made them rub against each other slightly, the sweat collecting and dripping off one erect nipple.

Emerald green eyes opened slowly and stared blankly off into the dark. Abby had finally woken. Good. He could begin. Waiting was always both the hardest, and at times the most pleasurable part of their play. Her body near perfection, her desire palpable, he often relished watching her in these small moments of peace before the ravaging.

Standing, Alex dropped the cigarette he’d been smoking onto the floor and strode purposely to the opposite wall. Lifting an antique medical bag, he retrieved a silk tie and a well-used bridle gag. Moving to the table, he entwined a fist into Abby’s hair and jerked her up. Leaning close, he put his lips to her ear:

“Good morning.”

He wrapped the tie around her eyes and tied it tight behind her head:

“Ready to feed me”, he whispered as he placed the gag between her teeth.

Abby’s body shivered and she shook her head no.

Alex chuckled softly. She knew it wasn’t actually a question, but it was always the same answer.

Alex raised slightly, drew back his right arm, spread his fingers wide, and delivered a jolting slap, covering both brilliantly pink nipples. Twisting his wrist, he massaged in the sting. He slid his palm down to her right breast, bent, and clamped his teeth around the other, pulling it upward until it slipped from their grip.

Abby moaned through the gag and saliva dripped from the corners of her pouty lips. Her body twisted on the sheet of old plywood. The smell of smoke, sweat and a very wet pussy filled the small space, and the ropes creaked loudly as Abby stained against them.

Alex stood, two fingers keeping a vice like grip on her left nipple. He used the nipple like a handle, turning her onto her back and grinding her wrists against the harsh wooden surface. Throwing her ankles over one shoulder, Alex reached under her perfectly round ass and pulled Abby’s hands from under her ass and up the back of her thighs, using them to hold her legs out of the way. He smiled deeply as Abby’s pussy poked out at him proudly.

Glistening with sweat and her fragrant, very sweet nectar, Alex could see her pussy pulse with the rush of her blood flow.:

“If there was a question, this is the proper answer.”

Alex aimed his plate sized right hand between the cheeks of Abby’s ass and she bit down hard on the gag as the fiery blow landed. Her whole body tensed and her calves pushed against his chest:

“No. No… Not yet. We’re just getting started.”

Alex slapped the left round of her ass and forced three fingers between the sopping folds of her quivering pussy. Abby’s legs twitched violently, and the veins on either side of her neck bulged. Alex waited a moment or two, his fingers up to the palm inside her:

“Good Girl…”

Alex bent slightly and retrieved a hand-length leather strap. Popping the outside of her pussy softly, he began to finger her with long slow strokes. Abby squirmed, her ass hopping off the platform each time his palm pressed against it.

After a moment, Alex began to slam his fingers into Abby’s pussy with more and more force, slapping her lips with the strap harder each time. Time slowed and she strained violently against the ropes. Her hair stuck to the wood, drenched with sweat. Her breasts heaved, and her ruby lips flowed saliva past the gag.

Alex’s cock swelled inside his trousers, and tiny droplets slid from his forehead and down the ridge of his nose. Abby’s moans became a stifled wail and the surface of her drenched pussy began to glow a deep red.

“Should I stop?” Alex asked the question tauntingly.

Abby shook her head no emphatically.

Alex added a fourth finger and shoved his hand so hard into her pussy that half the palm entered her. She arched her back and gnawed at the gag, her pussy clamping around Alex’s fingers:

“You be a good girl now.”

He twisted his hand and pressed his fingers upward against the underside of her clit. Abby bucked and twisted, her legs kicking toward the swinging light. Swinging the leather strap brutally hard, and watching Abby’s pussy begin to show signs of a light purple hue, Alex removed his fingers and loosed his cock from its confines.

Careful not to strike himself, Alex missed not a stroke with the strap as his head pressed past the pulsating pussy lips. Abby’s gasp was audible even through the slobber covered gag. Alex smiled and stopped his cock short of entering her:

“It won’t be that easy my toy.”

He slid the head and shaft upward, letting her swollen lips caress the shaft tightly:

“I’m going to make your pussy beg to cum.”

Alex popped the sides of her pussy hard, careful to avoid his own flesh. Then, reaching down and twisting her clit, he began to fuck her lips violently fast. His cock swelling and pressing her pussy folds tight against her thighs. Abby’s wetness dripped down the backs of her thighs and off the cheeks of her ass, pooling on the plywood beneath her.

Wrapping an arm around her legs, Alex pulled her tighter to himself and bent his head, biting the sides of her calves firmly and growling into them:

“Mine,” he spoke against her flesh.

Alex’s scent began to fill the air as his skin glistened with sweat. Smoke and earth. Musk and spice. The smell reached Abby’s nose, sending jolts of fire through her veins. Her whole body spasmed violently and she gnawed at the gag, desperate not to cum without permission.

Abby’s hands opened and clenched as she tried unconsciously to grab Alex’s hip and pull him inside her. Seeing her need Alex drove his cock harder against her clit and seized one proud nipple with iron-like fingers. Twisting the nipple, he pressed the head of his cock hard against Abby’s clit and swirled it around. Cum rocketed from his cock, pummelling Abby’s clit. Her body jerked violently, her fist clenched, digging her nails into her palms. A spray of cum shot from her bruised pussy and covered Alex’s thighs.

Alex reached up and removed the tie, flashing her a dastardly grin:

“I hadn’t given permission.”

Alex put his hand around Abby’s throat softly:

“That one will cost you, my toy.”

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