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Storytime: Used After Hours

Thomas Renard

Darryl yawned.

What a fuckin’ day. He loved owning his own bar and all, but when it’s time to clean down at midnight, sometimes it loses its glamour.

He systematically made his way around the room, stacking chairs and cleaning tables. When he got to the booths near the back, a surprise was waiting for him. A woman, pretty, maybe late 40s, wavy red hair, and just that tiny bit of makeup that told him she didn’t need it, but she wore it for herself, just to feel good.

“Hey,” he barked.

She looked up.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Darryl complained. “We closed half an hour ago.”

“I’m sorry,” she sighed, standing up from the table, revealing some killer curves beautifully presented in a stunning navy blue bandage dress. “I just didn’t wanna go home yet.”

“Well you know what they say, you don’t have to go home, you just can’t stay here.”

She giggled at his lame attempt at a joke, and stroked his forearm as she sidled past him out of the booth. “Well that really is a pity.”

He raised an eyebrow at the unexpected contact.

“Yes, I guess it is, but I’ve got a lot to get done before I can go home.”

“Hmmm, shame one of those things isn’t me,” she commented slyly forcing him to snap his head round as she walked away, the sensational curve of her arse beckoning to him as she headed for the exit.

His shoulders slumped, a tiny bit disappointed in himself that he was so easily manipulated. But, he reasoned to himself, she really was extraordinarily beautiful, so he’d be mad not to. Plus, he had his own ways of taking back control of the situation.

“Hold up,” he ordered, as he stomped across the wooden floor behind her, his huge hand grabbing her shoulder and spinning her back to face him. Her hair whipped past his face, and a faint aroma of watermelon drifted past his nose.

“Did you pay your tab yet?” He asked.

“‘Fraid not,” she smirked.

“Well then I can’t let you go, you can pay me with either cash…or ass!”

“Oh dear,” she exclaimed in mock horror, “it appears I left my purse at home, with my deadbeat husband.”

Darryl’s cock strained inside his jeans.

The thought of fucking this beautiful woman while her asshole husband waited at home was all the inspiration he needed. He put his hand behind her neck, and pulled her in for a deep kiss. She clearly needed this just as much as he did.

Her hands gripped either side of his waist and her tongue immediately found its way into his mouth. There it found his own tongue, and a sensual, messy session ensued, neither participant willing to break the kiss until lack of oxygen demanded it.

Finally their lips parted, and through panting breaths Darryl asked, “what’s your name?”

“Sarah,” she replied, as her hands moved to unbuckle his belt.

“Nuh uh,” he cautioned, pulling her wrists away. “Here’s the deal, until I’m done with you, you’re simply my toy…I’m going to use you exactly as I see fit, in whatever way I desire, to take the pleasure I want from you. I assure you, I’ll be safe, I won’t let anything happen you don’t want, and if you want me to stop, just say “red” and I’ll stop immediately. Do you consent?”

She looked up into his eyes, her stomach fluttering, her pussy quivering with excitement.

“Yes, I do,” she responded after several moments of thought.

And with that Darryl took full control. He took her by the hand and led her back to the booth where he had found her. “On your knees,” he growled.

Sarah complied immediately. Once down on the ground in front of him, Darryl proceeded to unzip his jeans, and unbuckle his belt, dropping the garments to the ground. His fully erect cock was now plainly visible through the fabric of his boxers.

Sarah could even see the slightly darker grey spot where his precum had begun to leak through, and she licked her lips, eager to taste this first secretion from the dick she now so desperately wanted to take into her mouth. She waited patiently however until he released his member from the boxers, and suddenly there it was, rock hard and standing in all its glory in front of her face.

Her tongue reached out and licked the moist tip, purring happily at the delicious taste. She felt his hand on the back of her head, and she opened her mouth wider, fully engulfing the fat head of his cock as he pushed it down her throat. She gagged as he did so, unprepared as she was to have the entire thing slid deep into her mouth, but she didn’t care. She was very happy to have this magnificent specimen of a penis offered to her in this way, and she enthusiastically began bobbing her head back and forth, sucking fervently on the head and shaft.

Darryl’s moans were very encouraging, and she kept up her pace. But Darryl wasn’t about to relinquish any control, and began thrusting firmly with his hips while holding her head perfectly still. She began to lose her thoughts. Nothing mattered right now, not her dick of a husband, not her job, nothing. All that mattered was being the perfect hole for this sexy fucking man as he face-fucked her relentlessly.

All that mattered was to keep on sucking until he finished, and filled her mouth with his delicious hot cum. She couldn’t wait. She tried swirling her tongue around his shaft, but his thrusts were too strong. He hadn’t exaggerated when he said he was going to use her. She was being thoroughly used as nothing more than a fucktoy, and she was loving every second of it.

She reached around to grab his ass cheeks and pull him towards her so she could get his cock even deeper in her throat. She wanted nothing more than his nectar to paint the back of her mouth, and she was determined to get her reward. Then it came. Or technically, then HE came. Hard, brutal, raw. With a guttural moan, he pulled her face hard onto his dick one last time, burying her nose in his pubic hair, and he released the tidal wave.

She felt his shaft begin to pump, and then it hit her. Deep in the back of her throat, streams of hot cum erupted from the swollen head of his cock and ran down her throat. She was lost in bliss. Greedily swallowing every drop as he held her head still, and pumped rope after rope into her eager mouth. Eventually she had swallowed all of it, and he helped her to stand.

Removing the dress straps from her shoulders, he peeled the dress down over her amazing tits, then over her hips, before allowing the garment to fall to the floor, the soft fabric pooling around her feet. As he reached out to cup one of her perfect breasts, he smiled wickedly.

“I’m not done with you yet…”

She grinned at him, a little of his cum dripping down her chin, with eyes that clearly said “I sincerely hope so,” and she leaned forwards to kiss him again. Not perturbed by his own ejaculate on her lips and tongue, he embraced her and once more explored her mouth with his tongue. Moaning into each other’s mouths, they stood for a while, enjoying the long, drawn-out kiss, while he continued to fondle her breasts, occasionally eliciting gasps of pleasure from Sarah’s mouth as he pinched her nipple between his fingers.

This hand then slid down her torso, and into the front of the black underwear she still had on, the last remaining vestiges of her clothing. He growled appreciatively, finding her pussy dripping wet, clearly desperate for more of his attention. “Your mouth really was an excellent hole to use,” he complimented her, “now I think it’s time for me to use the others, don’t you?”

“Mhmm,” she replied, unable to respond any more than that, as his fingers strummed gently over her clit inside her panties. With a sudden flurry of movement, the panties are torn off and discarded behind Darryl, floating to the ground like the petals of a sensual black forget-me-not. Momentarily frozen at finding herself completely naked in front of this new man, she hesitates, before his hands once again pull her body against his, and his head leans down to nibble on her left nipple, loving the feeling as it hardens in his mouth. Sarah pants with pleasure, her sensitive nipple responding to Darryl’s new attentions, and her hand cups the back of his head as he continues to suck and lick her heavy breasts.

But now Darryl wants more. He is focused on making good on his promise to use Sarah as the toy she is, and she still has holes he hasn’t filled yet. He spins her around and pushes her down to lean over the table in the booth before her. This position perfectly accentuates the curve or her delicious arse, and he runs his hands all over that peach, his fingers sliding between the cheeks, and gently stroking over her tight little arsehole, before dipping back into her drenched pussy. She pushes her arse up towards him, unashamedly revealing her desperation to have her body used more by him. He can’t help but chuckle, “you really are a desperate little slut aren’t you? That husband clearly isn’t doing much for you eh?” he remarks as he pushes two fingers further inside her pussy, noticing how her cunt contracts, gripping his fingers as he slides them out and back in again.

“I think I’d better give you some of my cock pretty soon before you lose your mind eh?”

“Fuck yes, please,” she begs, resting her head on the table as she waits impatiently for him to take her.

Digging a condom wrapper from his back pocket, Darryl sheaths his once again erect cock swiftly, before sliding the hard shaft between Sarah’s pussy lips, back and forth, driving her wild with need, yet still refusing to satisfy her cunt with the dick she so desperately needs. Sensing her frustration building however, he stops his teasing, and with a solid, strong thrust, he stretches out her pussy as he drives his cock deep inside her, and as he grunts with pleasure, Sarah screams with relief.

This is exactly what she needed. Her pussy hadn’t felt such pleasure in a long time, having not been used by a worthwhile dick in many months. Stars filled her vision, and her body began convulsing on the table, her hips bucking as she tried to ride his cock harder and faster. But Darryl was having none of it. Slapping her arse firmly, he proceeded to grab her hips, and pull his new toy back onto his engorged dick over and over as he thrust repeatedly into her. Long, deep, rhythmic strokes, each one causing a squeal of pleasure from Sarah, as he took exactly what he wanted from her with relentless focus, and impressive stamina.

It took just a few minutes of this rhythm for Sarah to fall off the edge and begin coming uncontrollably. But Darryl wasn’t done yet. He continued to fuck her for what seemed like an eternity, as she crashed through orgasm after orgasm, with no respite in sight. Sweat dripped from her forehead, while her own sweet juices dripped from her pussy, down over Darryl’s cock, and staining her own thighs.

Darryl reached forwards, and grabbed a strong handful of her beautiful orange hair, pulling firmly back as he continued to thrust into Sarah’s perfect little hole. “You like this don’t you, you little whore?” he jeered at her as his shaft continued to stretch her out with each thrust. “You’ve been desperate for a man to use you like this haven’t you?”

“FUCK YES!” she screamed back at him. “Don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Darryl had no intention of stopping, however, he did slow down his pace, teasing Sarah now with agonizingly slow, deep motions. Sliding his cock almost all the way out of her pussy, making her whimper unhappily, before pushing it slowly all the way back in, enjoying the happy sigh she let out with each inward thrust.

As he lazily continues to fuck her, Darryl begins to play gently with her arsehole once more. Circling this little hole with his finger, before slowly pushing inside. He feels her tense as he does so, although she also groans with happy pleasure. Waiting for her to relax once more, he then slides this finger in past the knuckle, as he slowly slides his dick in and out of her pussy.

“One more hole for me to use slut,” he comments, as he finally removes his cock from her cunt, and presses the thick head against her arsehole. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I’m ready,” she responds, and as her eyes roll back into her skull as his girthy cock begins to push slowly but surely into her tightest hole. In some sort of erotic harmony, both of then let out a deep groan of “Fuuuuuuck,” at the same time as Darryl claims Sarah’s arsehole, and they both stand still, enjoying that initial feeling of tightness, and stretching, as his cock throbs deep inside her arse.

Gradually, Darryl begins to move, slowly building up a rhythm, drawing his cock most of the way out of Sarah’s arse. Just as he is about to thrust back deep inside her, something entirely unexpected happens. The door to the bar crashes open, and a female voice, filled with humour, laughs into the room, “Just as I fucking thought.”

Darryls head swivels round, with a wry smile, and he chortles back, “Oh hi honey,”

“You should have been home ages ago,” the mystery woman exclaimed. “I figured you’d be here still, fucking some skank. Is she good? Does she have a nice tight pussy?” The newcomer made a beeline for the booth, high heels clacking on the wooden floor of the bar.

Sarah, upon realizing that someone else was now in the room, had turned her head to see, with a look of mild panic in her eyes, and had tried to scooch away from Darryl. However, he kept his grip on her hips firm and pulled her back onto him firmly.

“Don’t worry honey,” the new woman cooed, “I’m his wife you see, and I do love to watch him taking what he wants from random sluts. It seems like you’ve been enjoying it too, haven’t you?”

Sarah looked up into Darryl’s wife’s eyes, and couldn’t help but give a shallow nod, and an affirmative “Mmhm.”

Well my name is Kate, and I don’t want you to stop ok? I want to watch my husband fuck you until he’s satisfied, and I may even join in, would that be ok?” Kate’s question is presented in sickly sweet tones, with just an underlying hint of menace that made Sarah’s stomach flutter slightly, and she gave another nod, indicating her consent.

Kate looked to be a little older than Darryl, maybe early to mid 40s, and had curves lesser men would have murdered for. With dark, short, wavy hair, full, pouty lips, and incredible, sizeable tits, restrained in a tight, black t-shirt, she was incredibly sexy. She had a tight pair of blue jeans on, accentuating an amazing, curvaceous arse, and Sarah couldn’t even attempt to deny an instant attraction to this gorgeous woman.

As Darryl continued to fuck Sarah’s arse with gusto, Kate walked up behind him, craned her neck around his torso, and made appreciative noises at the sight of her husbands dick sliding in and out of this random woman’s arsehole. Without hesitation, she spat a large globule of saliva onto Darryl’s shaft, as it reappeared from within Sarah’s tight hole, making both of them murmur happily as the extra lubricant helped his cock slip effortlessly back inside her.

Kate slid past them both, and sidled into the booth, sitting on the bench to the left of the table upon which Sarah was currently being arse-fucked mercilessly. She ran a single fingernail slowly up Sarah’s back, between her shoulder blades, before roughly grabbing a handful of the whore’s hair. Pulling her head back, she leaned over, and gently ran her tongue over Sarah’s lips. “Hmmm, you’ve sucked his cock haven't you? I can taste him on your lips. Tell me, did my husband’s dick taste good? Did you love having it in your mouth?”

“Fuck yes,” Sarah gasped, as her arse was once again stretched out as Darryl thrust back inside her again.

“So tell me, you little slut, do you want him to come in your arse? Do you want to feel my husband’s cock filling your arse with his come?”

“Y-yes please! I want him to fill me!”

“What do you think hubby? Are you ready to empty your load into this little skank?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Darryl confirmed, “I’m gonna come any second now.” He thrusted several more times, before his torso suddenly tensed up, and he raised himself up onto the balls of his feet with a savage growl, and Kate knew he was emptying himself deep into this new girl’s arse. She reached back between Sarah’s thighs, and massaged his tightening balls, coaxing further ropes of come out, milking him for a longer, harder orgasm, while Darryl leaned back, lost in paradise as his cock pumped, and throbbed, depositing a huge load of his come inside Sarah’s arsehole, until he was completely spent.

His shoulders slumped with relief, and his cock slipped free from the amazing tight arse that was now dripping with his seed. Sarah, panting heavily, lowered herself down to lay on the table, her head resting on the hard, wooden surface. She turned her cheek towards Kate, fearful of how this woman would react now that her husband had finished in Sarah’s arsehole. Kate smiled wickedly back at her, “Good girl, you took that like a champ didn’t you.” As she spoke, she reached back, and pressed two fingers inside the naked Sarah’s hole, feeling her husband’s warm cum around her digits. She removed the fingers, now coated in delicious come, and presented them to Sarah. “Open wide, and taste his delicious nectar,” she commanded as she pressed her sticky fingers against Sarah’s lips. Sarah happily sucked the fingers into her mouth, cleaning every drop of come off of them with happy little purrs and whines.

Kate now lowered her voice a little, and leaned in really close to Sarah’s face. “Do you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into now you naughty little thing? What’s your name love?”

“Sarah,” she replies meekly.

“Well Sarah, you’re now my husband’s whore. I want you to be available to satisfy him whenever, and wherever he wants. You’ll give him your number, and when he needs that tight little pussy, or your sweet little arse, you’ll need to come running. You OK with that honey?”

Sarah glanced over at Darryl, standing proud with his now softening cock leaking come from the tip. She thought for a moment, hiding the naughty little grin that crept over her face as the contemplated the ramifications of becoming this man’s sex toy. “I’m in,” she confirmed.

“That’s a good girl,” Kate praised, stroking Sarah’s cheek. “Now be aware, sometimes I’ll want to watch, and sometimes I’ll want to join in. Are you OK with that?”

“Fuck yes,” Sarah replied a little more eagerly than she had intended.

“Good,” Kate acknowledged, standing up and undoing the button on her jeans. “Now let’s seal the deal”

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