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Roof Terrace Passion

Summer of 69

As Steve walked down the gangway of flight number EK026, the humid night air crept through the small gaps in the structure and slapped him around the face.

He was tired, and in desperate need to shower after travelling for 22 hours. The Manchester to Taipei flight had been a regular fixture on his working calendar for several years, often three or four times a year. Steve was a buyer, specialising in the construction industry. Many key suppliers were based in South East Asia, the largest of all in Taiwan.

He knew the routine off by heart. Head to immigration. Get the temporary visa authorised. Collect bag. Meet the supplier contact. Enjoy two very well-deserved Marlboro Lights before heading to the hotel for the night.

Part of the routine was that Steve always stayed at the Taipei Landis Hotel. It was a small boutique hotel that was once a part of the Ritz Group. Photographs of the rich and famous who had once been guests adorned the corridor walls which lead to the bar.

Steve had become such a regular in the hotel that he always had the same room. It was a corner suite on the 6th, and most importantly, the smoking floor. He liked the room because it overlooked an adjacent park. The boss knew he liked this room. Therefore, the hotel knew he liked this room.

Steve’s visits were full of routine. If he said he liked a restaurant, he would be taken to the same place on his next three or four visits. Everything was planned meticulously by his hosts. From 9.30am until 10pm, there was always a plan for each day of his visit. Between 10pm and 9.30am the following morning, he had peace. Groundhog Day.

Freshly showered and dressed, Steve checked his watch, 10.08pm. He smiled. Time for a couple of cold ones in the bar before getting his head down for the night.

Within a few minutes he had exited the elevator and was heading past rows of famous faces looking back at him from the walls. Entering the bar, he was greeted by Tony. Tony had been working in the hotel bar the very first time Steve had stayed, six years previously. He loved talking about western sports, particularly English football.

“Mr Steve, welcome back,” he greeted Steve warmly.

“Hey Tony, I hope the family are keeping well. How are those kids of yours doing?” Steve asked.

“They are really very good,” Tony answered in his best broken English, as he placed the first Taiwan Beer in front of Steve.

For the next 40 minutes, it was rapid fire questions from Tony about everything football related. Steve never failed to be impressed by Tony’s knowledge and thirst to learn more. His mind was a sponge. This guy was wasted in a hotel bar, but Steve knew he loved it almost as much as he loved his football.

Just after 11pm, Steve finished his drink, said his goodnights and headed for bed. The jet lag well and truly taking hold. As always, he slept solidly for eight hours.

The following day of meetings came and went as planned. At 5.45pm Steve entered the Landis and headed straight to his room to shower and change for dinner. At 6.20pm, he walked into the bar for a quick gin and tonic before his ride arrived.

Tony was behind the bar as usual, talking to a very attractive lady. She was much older than Steve, maybe 47 or 48 to his 31. She was dressed immaculately in a navy silk dress and Louboutin heels. There was no mistaking the trademark red soles.

As Steve approached, he picked up the North American accent. He wasn’t sure if it was American or Canadian, but who cared? Steve certainly didn’t. She could have come from Mars for all he cared.

She was beautiful in the most natural way.

“Hello Mr Steve,” Tony greeted him. “What poison would you like?” He continued.

Steve laughed. He loved how the locals tried so hard to get the phrases correct, but often made the smallest of errors which made what they said so funny.

“Be careful how you answer,” came the response from the pretty lady at the bar.

Steve laughed again.

“Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a Tanqueray and Tonic please, Tony. Can l buy you a drink?” he offered the lady.

“I’m good thanks,” she replied. “Maybe later. I’m dashing to meet colleagues now,” she continued as she climbed from her bar stool.

“I’m Erin by the way,” she introduced herself, before heading towards a couple who had just walked in. Two air kisses later, and she was gone.

“WOW,” was all Steve said as both his G&T and his driver arrived.

Quickly dispatching his drink, Steve headed out for the next itinerary item; dinner.

Arriving back at the hotel a little after 10pm, he smiled as he exited the car and saw Erin stood outside. Cigarette in one hand, cell phone pressed to the ear in the other hand. She paced up and down the pavement. Something had evidently angered her.

As he stepped towards the hotel entrance, he caught her attention. She waved to stop him walking in. She half smiled, still very much angry with whoever was on the other end.

She extinguished her cigarette under foot, and immediately lit another.

Within 30 seconds she had ended the call with a very cool “Well fuck you, Brad.”

“You ok?” Steve asked, now lighting a cigarette himself.

“Not really. Fancy buying me that drink? Not here though,” Erin asked.

“Sure, why not.” Steve replied. His answer was calm and laid back but inside he was anything but calm. His heart was racing, and his stomach was doing somersaults.

“I know a place around the corner,” Erin suggested. Steve just nodded. He knew every place around the corner. Five minutes later, they were taking their seats in the Malibu West cocktail bar. Drinks were ordered, and Erin offloaded. She was Vice President of a famous American lingerie firm. She was in Taipei to oversee the opening of their new store in the Taipei 101 building. She had two colleagues with her. Both were in the hotel bar; hence she didn’t want to return.

Originally from San Diego, she was now living in the Bay area. An only child, she had graduated from UCLA, majoring in Economics. She’d spent all her career in retail. Female fashion to be exact.

Her days were now spent overseeing store openings around the globe and being part of the team that arranged probably the biggest catwalk show in fashion. Angels meet rock stars for a one-hour spectacular.

The phone call? That was just her dick-of-a-now-ex, who just moments ago had said “l think we need to take some time out”. Erin had agreed, but she wanted the time out to be permanent. She was seriously pissed that he didn’t have the balls to talk face to face. As she explained to Steve, she had more balls than Brad. Steve didn’t doubt it for a minute.

As the cocktails flowed, and the anger subsided, Erin returned to be the calm, witty, beautiful woman Steve had met earlier in the night. The smile had returned. Steve liked a woman who could laugh at herself and with others.

They shared stories and cigarettes, until they were being asked to leave at 1am as the bar closed.

“I don’t think we will get another drink now, Erin” Steve commented. “Everywhere will be closed now.”

“Don’t be such a defeatist! My mini bar is fully stocked “ Erin declared, “ and we are going to enjoy it,” she said laughing.

As they walked the few yards back to the hotel, Erin hooked her arm into Steve’s and they chatted like old friends.

Entering the elevator, Erin pressed for the 6th.

“Same floor,” Steve commented

“Smoking floor,” Erin replied smiling.

Erin’s suite was diagonally opposite to Steve’s. Inside, the layout was identical.

“Make yourself at home,” Erin called as she entered the bathroom, “I’ll take a vodka please.”

Steve went straight to the mini bar and poured the drinks. Erin walked back into the room moments later, now out of her clothes and wrapped in the hotel’s dressing gown.

“Very fetching,” Steve joked.

Erin simply laughed. They both got comfy on the couch. The conversation flowed freely, nothing seemed off limits. Questions asked, answers given. Both were extremely comfortable around each other.

Then Erin asked a question that turned the entire night on its head.

“Would you like to fuck me Steve?” She was looking right at him as she asked the question. She wasn’t joking. She really wanted to know the answer.

For a moment, Steve couldn’t answer. His mouth had dried instantly. His heart was racing again. The palms of his hands became damp. Fuck, he thought.

Calming himself, and now looking straight back at Erin, he said “Yes”.

“Good answer,” came Erin’s response, and with that she leaned forward and kissed Steve. A gentle kiss first. Then she took control.

Moving into position, she straddled Steve. Her mouth locked on his, her probing tongue exploring his mouth. She could feel Steve’s instant arousal. The growing bulge beneath her clearly indicated his enjoyment.

Steve ran his hands through her hair. He could sense the fire of desire burning deep within Erin. The passion in her kisses, the sexual hunger in her eyes. See wanted Steve and she was going to take him.

As Steve kissed her neck, Erin threw her head back. In doing do, her gown opened slightly. Steve could see her ample, pert breasts. He pulled open the gown, exposing them further.

He took her left breast in his mouth. As his tongue wrapped around her nipple, it stiffened. Erin leaned forward, holding Steve’s head in place. She wanted Steve to pleasure her. She moaned in encouragement.

Steve’s hands were exploring the curves of Erin’s rear. She wasn’t wearing panties. This aroused Steve even more. He desperately wanted to taste her. Using all his strength, he stood, lifting Erin with him. Her legs wrapped around his waist, her mouth reconnecting with his.

Steve walked toward the king-size bed, lowering Erin on top. She shuffled into the centre and smiled. Then she untied the belt of her gown and revealed herself to her younger lover.

She had an incredible body. She knew it. Her pussy was discretely hidden by her legs that were slightly crossed and by her left hand. She looked up and Steve, a coy smile on her face.

“Take your clothes off,” she instructed, “slowly!”

Steve said nothing and started unbuttoning his shirt. Erin slowly parted her legs but kept her hand in place. Steve could feel his pulse speed up. With the last button unfastened, he removed his shirt and tossed it on the couch.

“Now the shoes”, came the next instruction.

Slowly, Steve kicked off his loafers. As he did, Erin moved her hand. Right at that moment, she had the most beautiful pussy Steve had ever seen. The thinnest strip of pubic hair covered her slit. All other traces of hair had been removed expertly.

Erin teased Steve. She glided her finger up and down her “landing strip”, then she edged it ever so slowly inside. She never lost eye contact with him. As her finger entered, she playfully bit her lip and smiled. She was deeply aroused.

Steve already unbuttoned his jeans and was slowly watching the performance before him. His cock was harder, the tip now escaping from the waist band of his boxers. He could tell Erin was inspecting him. No doubt trying to decide if he was a good fuck, or a great fuck.

Kicking his jeans off, Steve took a step forward, then stopped. His eyes fully focused on Erin’s face. He could see how much she wanted to be fucked. There would be plenty of time later for making love. Now was all about fucking.

As he took another step forward, he removed his boxers. Erin was becoming agitated with excitement. He stopped again. A look of almost sadness appeared on Erin’s face. She reached out to Steve with her spare hand.

He took two more steps forward and knelt between her open legs. Still, neither said anything. Reaching forward, he lifted Erin until her behind came to rest on his thighs.

Carefully positioning himself, he entered her. Slowly and deeply. Her eyes opened wide; her mouth gaped slightly. “Oh fuck, Steve,” she murmured. Now held firm on his cock, Steve pulled Erin in close. Again, she murmured, “Oh fuck.”

She wrapped her legs behind Steve as he started to slowly build momentum. Like a steam train moving from a platform, Steve moved himself in and out of Erin. Each thrust brought another deep moan. The deeper and harder he thrusted, the deeper and louder the moan.

Her eyes were full of lust. She needed this. That spineless bastard, Brad had driven her to this moment. She needed to feel like the woman she was. Sexy, desirable, insatiable. She wanted Steve to take her. She wanted Steve to lust for her, like she lusted for him.

This was a means to an end. So much sexual tension had built up inside them both, there could only be one outcome. An explosive one.

Steve held Erin firm as he now increased his speed. His cock felt good. It glided with ease inside Erin, her pussy creating the natural lubricant. Her breasts moved in time with Steve’s thrusts.

“Oh fuck, Steve. Fuck me harder. I want you to make me cum.”

Spurred on by Erin, Steve turned Erin over and took her hard from behind. Holding her hips firmly, Steve fucked her. She wanted to feel like a dirty little whore. She wanted to be taken. For these next few minutes, they weren’t equal. Steve was her master and he would take her how he wanted.

Harder, faster, deeper, he fucked Erin. She was now screaming more than moaning, the intensity of pleasure almost too much. Grabbing a handful of hair, Steve gave it a playful tug while he continued to take Erin. It was too much for her. With a loud scream she came. It was hard and intense. She fell forward, her body shook. She begged Steve to stop, but when he did, she shouted “don’t fucking stop until you come”.

Erin was now face down in the bed, trying to regain some composure. Steve continued to take her, hard and fast. Just how she liked it. Steve was so close. He could feel his own orgasm building. He was at that point where he knew his body would take over. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself.

Erin was again shouting for him to come. She couldn’t take much more. Neither could Steve.

“Fuck, I’m there” he shouted as he almost lifted Erin off the bed. Three big thrusts, and he released. His precious seed filled her. Each squirt of his come, delivered him more pleasure. His head went light, his vision slightly blurred.

“Fuck!” He thought as he collapsed on the bed beside Erin. She turned her head and faced him, her smile said it all. They got comfortable and held each other, sharing a post-sex kiss. Both were exhausted. Mentally and physically. They were soon asleep.

Steve woke a couple of hours later. He was alone in bed. He checked his watch which read 4.22am. He climbed out of bed and found Erin in the lounge area. She was curled on the sofa looking out of the floor-to-ceiling window.

“Hey, can’t you sleep?” Steve asked.

Erin looked up and shook her head.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He offered.

Again, she shook her head but held out her hand. Steve took it and sat next to her. Erin changed position and snuggled into Steve. He held her just tight enough.

“They say on a good morning, Taipei has an amazing sunrise,” Erin spoke. “Is today going to have a good morning?” She asked.

“It’s already a good morning.” Steve told her. “Soon it will be a great morning”

They both smiled.

“I know the perfect spot if you want to watch the sunrise” Steve told Erin. “We have time.”

“I’d like that,” smiled Erin. “We had better get dressed.”

“No need,” interjected Steve. “Just put your bath robe on.”

Erin looked a little puzzled but did as Steve instructed. He grabbed the second one which hung in the wardrobe.

“Ready?” He asked.

Erin nodded.

“Great, follow me. Don’t forget your key card,” instructed Steve as he walked out onto the corridor. Erin grabbed the key card and followed him to the elevator. Steve called it.

It only took a few moments to arrive. They climbed in and Steve pressed for the 12th and final floor. The key next to the floor buttons read Orchid Spa.

Where the fuck are we going? thought Erin. Steve just smiled. He knew.

As the doors opened on the 12th, they stepped out into an empty corridor. Steve looked around to get his bearings.

“This way,” he said, grabbing Erin’s hand as he set off.

At the end of the corridor, they took a left. Straight ahead was a door, with a sign at the side. “Roof Terrace.”

Steve tried the door, it was open. They both stepped out into the night air. It was still heavy with humidity and it was so hot for so early.

“This way,” Steve again gave instruction. As they turned the corner, Erin saw what Steve had been looking for. A huge multi-person hot tub. Tonight, it was a hot tub for two.

First Steve, then Erin disrobed and climbed in. The water was warm but still felt cooler than the night air.

“Thank you,” Erin said to Steve. Grateful that he had given her something, without wanting in return. He had been thoughtful, he had wanted to try and make her happy and it had worked.

Steve just smiled at her, accepting her thanks. Erin gazed at Steve for a moment, then kissed him. This wasn’t a hard, frantic, sexually charged kiss. This was softer; kinder.

Steve responded, he held Erin gently. This wasn’t the time to be in control, or to be forceful, or to simply fuck. This was a moment. A moment that would stay with both Steve and Erin for many years.

The kisses became more passionate yet remained gentle. Steve was hard again. He instantly responded to everything Erin offered.

Erin straddled him again, this time she took him inside her. She slowly rode his erection. Gently rocking back and forth on his cock. Their mouths never parted, their tongues permanently engaged in an erotic dance.

Steve held her close, close enough that she felt safe, felt wanted, felt like a desirable woman. She was desired.

With each movement, she gripped Steve’s cock. In and out he was sliding, deep within her. He pleasured her. She pleasured him.

Erin’s moans started to become more frequent and a little louder. Steve knew she wouldn’t last long, but she couldn’t come yet.

“I want to taste you,” Steve suggested.

“Yes, I want you to,” Erin replied smiling.

Steve laid his robe on the deck next to the hot tub. He helped Erin out of the tub and onto the robe. Kneeling before her, Steve kissed up her left thigh until he reached his destination.

He took his first taste, then a second. He gently parted her labia, and then pushed his tongue in. The musky aroma of sex, mixed with Steve’s own offering, was incredible.

Steve set about lapping up her sweet nectar, knowing he was tasting a part of himself too. She tasted so sweet. His tongue found her clit. It was swollen with pleasure, it wanted to be pleased, it was begging to be pleased.

Steve flicked his tongue quickly over her bud. She was again moaning, the pleasure almost too much to bear. Her juices coated his tongue. His tongue was driving her wild.

A warm glow began to appear on the horizon, the sun would be up soon. Steve continued to tease Erin. She loved how gentle Steve was being. She was being slowly drawn towards an incredible crescendo.

“Oh Steve. That feels fucking insane.”

Steve loved the compliments, but he loved to please more. His tongue and his fingers continued to probe and pleasure her. Erin’s moans were again getting louder as he touched her g-spot. As the ink black night turned into a pallet of oranges and red, so the pleasure increased.

“I want you again Steve”, Erin almost begged, “l want to feel you inside me.”

“Ok,” Steve smiled. He climbed into the tub, then helped Erin in. His cock still stood proud.

“I want you to kneel here, and look that way,” Steve instructed, pointing towards the sun rise.

Steve positioned himself behind Erin and entered her. Not like before in the bedroom. This was slower. They leaned over the edge of the tub, Steve pushing himself in and out of his lover. Kissing her neck as he took her, Steve could hear Erin getting closer. He could feel her grip getting tighter with each thrust.

He wanted to come with her. He wanted her to remember this, long after Brad had fallen from her memory. He could feel himself getting closer. He pushed harder and deeper, but still with a sense of being gentle.

“I’m nearly there Erin, I want you to come with me.”

“I’m nearly there too,” she replied, turning her face so their lips could connect once again.

As the orange glow of sun burnt through the horizon, Erin could hold out no longer. As Steve pushed deeper inside her, she screamed out as her orgasm hit. Her body gave way as she struggled to control the intense pleasure. Like the most intense high, her orgasm touched every nerve in her body.

Steve was there too. He was now vigorously pumping in and out. As Erin came, her pussy clamped tight around his cock. He could no longer hold back the inevitable. He could feel his balls contract, moments before he released the thick creamy jets of his desire inside Erin.

“Fuck!” he screamed out as he held Erin tightly. His cock twitching as it shot more of his come inside her.

They were both totally spent but riding the crest of their own incredible but very personal pleasure.

“Will you hold me again, Steve?” Erin asked. “Hold me close.”

Steve wrapped his arms around his lover.

“It’s ok, I’m right here,” he reassured.

Twelve hours previously, these two people from different countries, with different backgrounds had met for the first time. Neither had any idea where that chance meeting would lead, but neither would ever forget this night.

Leaning against each other, chests heaving, they shared the most incredible sunrise.

[Story submitted by one of our Subscribers 'Summer of 69' ]

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