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Pet Play - Foxy Lady

By Posy Churchgate

Every morning Jeannie sends a text to her Master......she's to expect a delivery after breakfast......

Jeannie: Every morning when I wake up, I send a text to my Master.

Good morning Master. How may I serve you today?

Good morning Jeannie. Please get your shower and prepare yourself thoroughly. Sometime after you eat breakfast, expect a delivery.

Thank you Master. I will look out for it.

In the shower I soap my body and wash my hair, but I also shave my legs and bikini line - Master’s message was prepare thoroughly. Once I’ve used the little pump action douche to cleanse my back passage, I feel ready for anything!

I finish my overnight oats and am sipping coffee when I hear a van’s engine idling, then the sharp rap of my door-knocker. I slip on a face mask to open the door; a parcel is on my step. I pick up the parcel so the driver can take a picture, then I hurry inside to open it. Removing all the outer packaging I wash my hands.

I open my laptop, simultaneously dialling up my Master as I walk into the living room. I know Victor will want to see my reaction to whatever he’s sent me.

Hello Jeannie

Hello Master, what have we here?

Excitedly I open a small package, something furry falls out, making me squeal with surprise.

What? Oh I see what these are!

They’re fox ears, soft brown fur with white tips. I slip the headband over my hair and look into the camera, does he like what he sees?

Jeannie, you look adorable, my cute little wild animal. Open the long box next.

I do as he instructs, my breath catching in my throat. A beautiful fox’s tail lies curled in the packaging around an anal plug. I lift it out to show my Master, feeling the heft of the butt plug’s weight and admiring the glittering metal device - already my stomach is fluttering in anticipation of how it would feel inside me.

Victor’s eyes darken as he watches me absorbing the truth of the game he’s planned.

How do you feel?

Excited, nervous … wet.

I’m not exaggerating, my pussy is becoming slippery, lust pooling heavy and insistent, low in my belly.

Open the rest

His voice takes on the commanding tone which makes my toes curl and my heart pound.

Next I unwrap a collar, then a lead. I hold them up to the webcam and bite my lip.

My pet, Master drawls. Are you ready to play?


Victor: I can tell she is nervous, we’ve only used soft anal toys previously, but she’s excited too. Last week I read her a bedtime story; she was captivated and turned on by the luxuriant pony’s tail the girl wore. I knew then and there, Jeannie, had to have one, but a fox tail suits her playful, bratty personality much better.

This is so naughty Master!

Jeannie is coquettish, wriggling on the sofa. She can hardly wait to start.

Fetch some lube, a small vibrator and a dildo -

She’s up already, eager to comply - and some nipple clamps. Don’t pout little one, hurry!

While she’s gone, I ready the “pet” playlist I’ve created. When Jeannie is back in front of the laptop I press play and the opening pulse of Goldfrapp’s track “Ooh La La La” swells.

Move for me as you strip off your knickers and bra, dance!

With a giggle Jeannie complies. Stroking her body teasingly and swaying in front of the screen, she puts on quite a sexy show. Like a burlesque dancer, she slips the black straps of her bra off her shoulders but cups her breasts, unwilling to spill the soft flesh for my gaze too soon.

Good pet, make me want you - I encourage her. Already my cock is straining against my jeans, I loosen the top button but keep my eyes on the foxy vision Jeannie presents.


Jeannie: This is fun! The next track is also Goldfrapp, just as sexy. The next song is “Strict Machine” which seems very apt - a percussive sound of whipping or slapping provides the beat. I hook my thumb into the side of my panties. I’m eager to pull them off, my pussy already swollen and slick with desire.

Master knows how to push all my buttons, turning me into his wanton, dirty girl.

Fasten the collar, I want to take my little fox for a walk!

My fingers are clumsy with my excitement, it’s hard to fasten the buckle at the back. Master’s face shows he is pleased with how I look. I still have butterflies, but wearing the collar and snapping on the lead makes me feel calm, I focus on pleasing Victor. Belonging to him I feel happy and safe and nothing says belonging like wearing his collar!

Crawl to me Jeannie!

As I watch her backside sway and her breasts dangle, I lower my zipper, releasing my cock from my jeans. It’s stiff against my stomach and drooling a trail of precum.

You’re making me very hard Jeannie, look how hard.

Using outstretched arms I use the webcam to show how her sexy attitude affects me. The little minx redoubles her efforts, swaying curvy hips while cupping her breasts, she pinches each nipple. Jeannie bites her lip the way she knows drives me crazy.

Who’s in charge little vixen?

You are Master, she replies, taking the lead and pulling on the collar as I would if I was there.

Let’s get lubed up

Jeannie’s eyes widen, but I only nod. She grasps the steel anal plug and pumps clear fluid over it. Watching, I mirror her, using chilly lube to coat the swollen head of my cock. I smother my foreskin and frenulum with the slick substance.

Turn around girl, I want to watch your hole stretch around the plug

Jeannie blushes, but obeys.

She rubs and massages her anal whorl with slippery fingers, letting one dip inside a little in preparation. She’s trying very hard to please me, which makes my dick throb.

You look ready to me. I growl Press in the plug, I want to see my pet swinging her bushy tail!


Jeannie: I see he’s stroking his thick shaft as he watches me, this makes me feel horny. With a shudder I nudge the bullet nosed plug against my anus and press. At first my body resists, so I consciously relax. I want this, not only to please Vincent but also to satisfy me. My body stretches, suddenly the muscles of my anus give to accommodate the cold invasion of the butt plug.

Fuck, I want it ohhh!

My sphincter muscles flare, it’s as if my body grabs the plug to pull it inside. I’m vaguely aware Black Cherry by Goldfrapp is playing. As the vocalist sings sand, I’m aware my world has narrowed to the pleasurable sensations I’m feeling in my butt.

God, that’s intense

I’m panting. It’s shocking how different this feels from a silicone plug: the chill metal bulb, it’s weight and the lack of give in its shape. But it’s a glorious sensation to be so filled. A tremor of excitement runs through me to share this with my Master.

Jeannie, my little vixen, I’m proud of my girl. Let me look at you - swish that gorgeous tail.

Vincent sounds excited. Looking over my shoulder, I see him on the screen. I pull the thick pelt of fur through my fingers, feeling triumphant.


Vincent: She’s really into this now. I order her to move on hands and knees. She’s carrying the lead between her teeth like a domestic pet. She strikes poses for me to appreciate the tail, giggling as the thick fur tickles her legs and the sensitive lips of her labia.

I wish I was in the room with her, I’d watch her wearing those cute little fox ears. She’d bob her head up and down to suck my cock.

When she turns her back to me, sashaying with the fox’s brush swinging from her pert backside, it’s such a hot sight. I ache to take her and nail her. Curse lockdown, it’s been months since we’ve been able to fuck.

Pinch your nipples for me, pet.

Obediently she pinches and rolls them with her fingers. Her face contorts delightfully as bolts of pleasure travel to the heat between her legs. Fisting my length slowly, languidly I watch her nipples swell in response to her touches.

Your favourite bit next girl, put on those clamps!

Oh Master, must I?

She always whines about the clover clamps. I know they’re intense, I’ve worn them myself.

Yes - if you want to please me

A stern look from me. She reaches for them, fastening one to each nipple. Their connecting chain swaying, she leans towards me for inspection.

Good girl - Pull the chain



The clamps bite and burn, but I feel so alive. Flames of desire lick all my pleasure points, consuming me with spreading heat. I’m his to command, his pleasure is my pleasure. My body’s awash with heady sensations of lust and stimulation.

Lie back Jeannie. Use a bullet vibrator and tease yourself, let’s see that pussy swell.

I welcome his instructions, my reward for enduring clover clamps. Settling against the cushions of my sofa, I’m conscious of the weight and pressure of the plug within me. Moisture trickles from within as the vibe hums to life. Running it around my succulent folds, it’s vibrations awaken every nerve ending. I look into my Master’s eyes.

He’s watching intently, I sense his arm pumping: he handles cock, watching me work myself up.

I bear down with my hips, imagining he’s here with me. Sometimes, if he kneels up over me, I grind against his thigh, soaking him with my slippery juices. I’m always his dirty girl, I can’t get enough. Showing him I’m always ready is my way to demonstrate how sexy he is, he gives me a thirst I can’t slake.

Pull the clamps, Jeannie

They bite, but it feels good. The burst of pain which flares out adds another layer of pleasure. I moan.

Enough! Take remove them

I barely notice his voice is rough. It’s so intense, the blood rushing back to my nipples. I groan and grind my hips while rubbing at my tormented flesh. My head is rushing so I almost miss Vincent’s command to discard the vibrator.

Use a dildo now Jeannie. Slowly

His voice seems to come from a long way away. I grope for the glass dildo I selected earlier. He loves to watch me take its length. Today it feels like an icicle, I’m so hot between my legs. Rubbing it along my slit, there’s no drag because I’m oozing liquid honey.

Penetrate yourself pet

Master’s voice brooks no argument, so I ease the glass column inside my channel. Pressing upwards at a glacial pace I savour the dual penetration. I feel so full, so stimulated. When I hear “Good girl”, I’m elated.


Vincent: What a vision of loveliness. Jeannie is spread out for me, the fox tail curled around her naked buttocks, while between her parted thighs I watch the swirled glass dildo slide into her depths like a well oiled piston. She sheaths its length then gradually withdraws it, coated with opaque fluids generated by her lust.

Her pleasure, her submission are gifts she gives me freely, but I never cease to be amazed by her passion. Her free spirit is so primal, which is why dressing as my little vixen was so appropriate.

Let yourself go Jeannie, I want to watch you cum

Needing no more urging, she picks up the pace of her thrusts immediately. The glass dildo saws in and out, one minute buried deep inside, the next withdrawn almost to the tip. She’s mimicking how she likes to be fucked. I feel my own sap rising - a drawing, tingling sensation gathering from my extremities to my core.

Play with your tits, my vixen 

She’s in her own world now, plucking her distended nipples and fucking herself alternately shallow then deep with the swirled glass dildo. I’m urgently pursuing my own crescendo of sensation. Like a hound with the scent of fox in my nostrils, I’m determined to bring down my prey.

Jeannie is panting, her hips bucking and torso tightening. Her chest flushes a tell-tale rosy pink, her parted legs begin twitching to the rhythm of a climax which ripples through her.

I too lose myself in an explosion of sensation, the little death as the French say. My seed spills over my hand and thighs as I watch Jeannie writhe in similar ecstasy. She squirms, expelling the plug from her body. Her hand holding the dildo stills yet she still fondles her nipples while the waves of pleasure ebb away.


Jeannie: Oh Master -

I’m almost speechless with the intensity of what I’ve experienced. I tug at a blanket I keep beside my sofa to pull it over me. I feel limp and exhausted now my pleasure is satiated.

Wow Jeannie - that was good for me too!

His smiling face beams from my laptop screen. I wish he was here to spoon with, Vince gives great cuddles. But lockdown means we cannot travel to see each other.

I gaze at him, gratefully. He gave me that pleasure - his commands, his plan how to play brought me to that climax.

Do you have your snacks there?

I have a pre-prepared care routine now he can’t be here. I had already made a flask of hot chocolate and a chocolate bar within easy reach, he has sweet tea. Vincent changes the playlist to mellow chilled tracks. We toast each other with our drinks, then I snuggle so the blanket is over my shoulders and we talk. Aftercare is as important as foreplay Master says, and I agree.

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