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Lust: Dancing With The Devil (Part 2)

By The Secret Submissive

Her body was hot but her confidence was smouldering. As he unbuckled his belt, she stepped out of the dress and unhooked her bra......

Pushing her thin dress-straps over her shoulders, he tugged the flimsy material over her breasts and hips, letting it pool around her feet. Taking a step back, he looked up and down her body as she stood before him wearing just heels, a strapless bra and a matching thong. “Oh fuck… I’m going to really enjoy ruining you, Sugar,” Gabe growled, shaking his head in near-disbelief – her body was hot but her confidence was smouldering. As he unbuckled his belt, she stepped out of the dress and unhooked her bra, moving to her right until there was a table between them. She threw her bra at him, playfully.

“Oopsy,” she smiled, groping her breasts and tweaking her nipples into bullets, ready to assault. “Did I break rule one or two?” she batted her mascaraed eyelashes and covered her rounded mouth with four fingers, feigning innocence. Gabe folded the belt in half and slowly and rhythmically stroked the leather as they danced around the table.

“If those knickers come off, I’m beating you with this belt, Luci…” Gabe spoke in a soft, neutral tone that made Lucille’s stomach flutter. “And if those fingers touch your cunt, when I get my hands on you-”

“If-” Lucille tried to interject, hooking her fingers under the waistband and lowering the thong, ever so slightly, but Gabe asserted his dominance, cracking the belt in the air and making her flinch.

“When I get my hands on you, I’m going to double your punishment before you even get to taste the tip of my cock.” He slapped the belt across his palm, repeatedly, as he followed her around the table, letting her control the pace.

“All. Talk.” She grinned, taking off her wet thong and flicking it to his feet. Her fiery spirit sent Gabe’s rules and order spinning into disarray. As he watched her mischievous smile grow, his primal instincts flared and he realised just how much he was enjoying her. Picking up her thong, he stuffed it into his back pocket and laughed, shaking his head.

“Oh dear… you are going to pay for that. Don’t you realise? You don’t stand a chance against me, Sugar.” With just one hand, Gabe shoved the table aside and in just one step, he was close enough to grab Lucille’s wrist. Pulling her close, he snaked his arm around her waist and chuckled as she squealed and struggled in defeat.

“What’s your next move?” he taunted, flipping her over the edge of the sticky table and pinning her arms behind her back.

“No moves, you win! But just look at how wet I am… touch me, Gabe…” her sultry charm wrapped around his length, making him throb. As her arse began to wiggle against his crotch, he pulled her elbows in until she moaned in discomfort. “Don’t you just want to fuck me? Punish-fuck me, hard and rough…” Lucille tittered. Gabe leaned in and kissed her shoulder blade, letting her feel his warmth; his strength; his excitement. His touch filled her with confidence and she relaxed, resting her cheek against the hard wood, spreading her legs to give him complete access to her hole. Before Lucille had a chance to comprehend the situation, Gabe wrapped the belt around her arms and yanked the buckle until she was firmly secured.

“You really thought it would be that easy, Luci? Silly girl.” His laugh was void of empathy, as was his touch. He mauled her supple arse and thighs in fistfuls, groping every muscle beneath her skin. Feeling her frustration as she writhed in defeat only turned him on; he loved the way her helpless body flailed beneath him. “Beg me to thrash your arse with my belt,” he kissed down the curve of her back and over her cheeks as he dropped to his knees behind her.

“Fuck you!” she grunted, feeling her pussy burn with desire.

“Wrong answer – I’ll give you one more chance,” he whispered, kissing her wet lips and drawing his tongue to her needy clit. His assault was relentless and with every lick, he fractured her willpower and crumbled her defences, quickly thrusting her closer and closer to orgasm. Her cunt sizzled and her mind spun in dizzying circles. Lucille couldn’t remember the last time a man had brought her to orgasm; she had gotten used to doing the work herself. Her knees quivered as Gabe’s tongue released a merciless attack, licking and flicking ceaselessly whilst he held her against her table. “One more chance,” he whispered, letting his breath tickle her lips.

“Spank me, whatever! Just keep your tongue there… I need to cum!” She groaned in frustration, bucking her hips and trying with all her might to free her wrists from their bondage. Gabe slapped her wet pussy, sending bolts of encouragement to her throbbing clit.

“Beg me to thrash your arse with my belt,” he repeated the words, settling for nothing less than complete submission. He needed to break her. His tongue darted into her wet hole; she coated him in a sweet layer of indisputable desperation as he kept her balanced on a knife’s edge, refusing to let her orgasm.

“Please…” she whimpered, squeezing her muscles in the hope that he would give her the push she needed before the feeling faded.

“Beg!” Gabe growled, sucking her clit and making her breathless.

“Spank me with your fucking belt!” she cried out, squeezing her nails into her palm and releasing a guttural groan of pure frustration as Gabe stole all control. Once the words had exited her mouth, Lucille felt a cool sense of relief. She repeated the words, relinquishing control; “please Gabe, please spank my arse with your belt…” Her mind reconfigured as her body focused on the pleasure he was awarding her. Letting her faculties slide, she concentrated solely on the heady sensation building between her legs. “Please make me cum,” she moaned, feeling her pussy gush around Gabe’s hand as he thrust one, and then two, thick fingers deep inside her.

“Good girl, he cooed in encouragement, seeing vulnerability in her eyes as they spilt black, makeup-stained tears down her cheeks. Gabe had had every intention of edging her to her utmost limit before pulling away but seeing her trembling form, beneath him, and hearing the desperation that glistened around her words, showed Gabe what he had done; he had pushed her into sub-space. He thrust his fingers inside her with force, twisting her moans into screams of utter pleasure as he tortured her cunt in the most delicious way. As he curled his fingers and rubbed her rough g-spot, he felt her body begin to tighten and suddenly, nothing mattered to him more than feeling her cum against his beard.

“Please don’t stop!” she begged him, rising onto the tips of her toes as her cunt sizzled and squeezed. “Please let me cum… can I cum?”

“Yes, cum for me,” he whispered, kissing her puffy, wet lips as his sadistic fingers slammed inside her, throwing her body into ecstasy. His command swathed and comforted her body as she let go and revelled in content. Knowing she had pleased Gabe only intensified the physical pleasure that was consuming her body like wildfire. He refused to stop until he had burned through her completely and all that remained was a trembling, whimpering, wet mess.

Lucille gasped and quivered as Gabe eased his wrinkled fingers from her cunt and pushed them directly into her mouth. She sucked, tentatively, tasting the sweetness and saltiness of her wanton arousal; a shadow of shame cast over her body as she observed Gabe’s smug smile. Panting softly as she deflated from the high of her orgasm, Lucille’s features twisted into a scowl; she tugged at the belt, eyes demanding to be untied.

“Don’t I even get a ‘thank you’, Sugar?” Gabe smirked, patting her pussy before lifting her upright by her mussed hair. Steam hissed from her ears as she tried to process what had just happened. Had her clit not been throbbing as a reminder of the pleasure he had just bestowed upon her, Lucille’s mouth would surely have spat an impertinent retort, without hesitation.

“Untie me…” she responded, firmly but quietly. Gabe shook his head, lifting her under the arse and throwing her over his shoulder.

He bit and marked her peachy arse cheek as she struggled, “calm the fuck down! You’ll hurt yourself.” Lucille huffed, shaking the hair from her eyes as Gabe carried her upstairs. Her heart pounded with exhilaration as Gabe exercised his animalism and controlled her with ease; she knew she was in safe hands. As he flung her into the centre of the king-sized bed and removed the belt from her wrists, her stomach flipped, nervously, knowing what was next. But before she had the chance to stretch her aching arms or even consider rolling away from him, Gabe had her chained, face-down, with a folded pillow under her stomach.

“You’re really fucking enjoying this, aren’t you? You sadistic fuck.” The chains jangled as Lucille tested her restraints. Gabe bit his lip as her arse wiggled and her most intimate hole winked at him.

“Is that supposed to be an insult?” A cruel laugh exited Gabe’s lips, making Lucille smirk into the sheets.

“And yes, I’m really fucking enjoying this… I’m going to destroy your pretty little arse, Luci, and there’s nothing you can say or do to stop me.” He trailed the belt across her cheeks, drawing pleasure from the way she flinched and gasped. “Are you ready, my teasing little whore?” he hissed, grabbing her hair and looking into her devilish eyes.

“Do your fucking worst, Gabe,” she said, leaning in for a kiss, to which he immediately obliged.

“Good girl…” His tongue melted away her fear of the unknown, filling her with swathes of adrenaline. Her body flooded with an eagerness to please and she hoped to God that she would be able to take her punishment without crumbling to pieces. “Safeword?” he demanded, pulling her hair.

“Red,” she said, swallowing over the lump in her throat.

“Don’t be afraid to use it,” he patted her face firmly as she acknowledged his words before shoving her back into position, with her arse raised high. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears as she took in shallow breaths through her nostrils and waited for Gabe to punish her. She gripped the chains in her sweaty palms and

squeezed her eyes shut. Everything stood still. Silence.


The first strike landed across the centre of both cheeks, with white-hot intensity! Lucille wailed as Gabe branded her with the mark of his dominance, searing her pale flesh with a beautifully thick welt. Her yell made his cock pulse and encouraged him to give her a second and a third whack; he needed to paint every inch of her arse but he wasn’t going to rush the job.

“It fucking hurts!” Lucille barked as fresh tears stained the white linen.

“That’s right, slut. Bad girls are punished hard… ruthless little cock-teases are punished even harder,” Gabe rubbed and soothed her glowing skin before bringing down the belt again and again. Gabe’s words steeped in Lucille’s mind and she remembered feeling his thick, hard cock against her body as he touched her and released a torrent of pleasure across her body, soaking her cunt. Knowing how hard she had made him, as he had manhandled her delicate form, gave her a voracious thirst for more. The urge to please him infiltrated once again and she welcomed each stinging lash in all its bittersweet glory. Gabe watched her carefully as she took each blow with grace; her sobs thickened but her cunt continued to weep, filling every inch of the room with the scent of her lust. As he reached fifteen, Lucille bit down on the pillow; her back was clammy and her legs shook. “Use your safeword…” Gabe instructed, squeezing her arse as she shook her head,


“No, I don’t need you to go easy on me! Be a man and fucking punish me like you said you would!” she sobbed and looked him dead in the eye, focusing on her breath as she wondered how on earth she would get through the next whack. Gabe hadn’t expected her to last even five strikes and now her arse and thighs were glowing in a deep red hue – he smirked in admiration and kissed her shoulder.

“For the record, I didn’t go easy on you…” he brought down the belt, repeatedly, feeling his cock strain in his jeans, desperate for release. Lucille cried out in catharsis, letting her body feel every speck of pain until she was absolutely spent. He looked down at this insatiable woman beneath him – her delicate, furled body was so far removed from the poisonous femme fatal he had watched over the last few months; Lucille had defied every expectation and shattered everything he thought he knew about her.

“Red!” She spat the word before Gabe could land another strike against her smarting arse. “Red!” she repeated with her eyes squeezed closed.

“Good girl,” Gabe assured her that her punishment was over, taking a second to admire the array of welts and marks. “You did well,” he whispered, watching as she panted into the tear-soaked pillow. As soon as he had unchained her wrists, she rolled over, wincing from the pressure against her bruised cheeks. A filthy smile adorned her face as she looked up at Gabe with pride; saying nothing and simply wiping her eyes dry, she watched as he removed his t-shirt.

“You said I’m a good girl…” she said with a chuckle, biting her lip as she drank in the sight of his naked torso. Bringing her knees up and spreading herself wide, she drew a finger up her slick slit. “Have you learnt nothing tonight?” she giggled as Gabe scoffed in disbelief, kicking off his shoes and whipping off the rest of his clothes as fast as his hands would allow.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, Luci…” he promised her, edging closer to the bed and watching her ignite with excitement, her eyes glued to his hand as he stroked his throbbing length. “You’re not going to be able to walk for a week once I’ve finished with you!” He grabbed her ankles and yanked her towards him, bending her in half like a deck-chair, before nestling between her thighs. She squealed – wide-eyed and dripping wet – as she found herself locked in Gabe’s immoveable grip, yet again.

“Ohh fuck, yes!” she nodded in encouragement. Her sinful smile and clawing talons spoke louder than words ever could; she was desperate for another dose of his intoxicating, rough touch. As he teased her cunt with the tip of his cock, she provoked him further: “All talk?” she said, moaning in satisfaction as he responded with a sound slap. Gabe grinned; he was more than willing to play her little games, this time. With his hand firmly around her throat, choking the sass from her bratty mouth, he slammed everything inside her with a deep, guttural groan, merging their minds and bodies as they sealed their sordid connection with a passionate kiss.

He was everything she had dreamed of and more. As he pushed her knees to her chest and brutally fucked her into the mattress, she fed him a look of yearning that changed everything. Her eyes sparkled with a mottled shade of longing and a depth he hadn’t noticed before. Releasing her throat and letting her suck in the sex-imbued air around them, he laced his fingers through hers, above her head, as she wrapped her milky thighs around his body. She squeezed his large hands and tenderly nibbled his lip as he slowed his frenzied thrusts into deep, rhythmic pumps that seemed to bind them as one. “You said I get one night with you,” she moaned into his mouth, trembling as he grazed a thousand sensitive nerve-endings with every push. “Then I want your cum inside me…” she said, coyly. Gabe smirked at her, pushing his weight against her as he felt his balls tighten.

“I also told you not to fall for me, Sugar,” he groaned the words, struggling to focus on anything other than release. Her words echoed around him as he felt her sweet cunt grip and squeeze his length: I’m going to fucking milk you dry and take exactly what I want from you…

She smirked, bashfully, snaking her arms around his neck as he released her hands. “Cum for me,” she whispered, stroking his skin, affectionately; “please, cum inside me.” Her whimpers connected with his carnal desires and urged him to use her body for his pleasure. “Make me yours…” The brazen glint in her eyes was more than enough to thrust him over the edge and he bucked his hips hard until he filled her with jet after jet of hot, salty cum.

Rolling onto his back, he pulled Lucille into his arms, letting her rest against his thumping chest as he stroked her matted platinum tresses. Taking stock of the bruises, bites, scratches and welts that covered their sweaty, exhausted bodies, she couldn’t wipe the delirious smile from her face. As she felt his heartbeat regulate, she draped her body over his thigh, letting him feel her sticky cunt against his skin. He held her possessively, massaging her aching arm and tenderly kissing her forehead. “Does just one night include tomorrow morning?” Lucille whispered, moving his hand to her burning arse.

“Oh, you’re not going anywhere, Sugar… I’m far from finished with you.” Gabe laughed as he squeezed Lucille’s arse and kissed her intensely, feeling his insatiable temptress begin to seduce him all over again.

&Digital artwork created by Sam Dalton

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