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Finding Her Luck


This is an Omegaverse fantasy story with intimate interactions and power exchange. If you like tame romances, this story is not for you!

"And still the lascivious, scandalous thoughts churned. A desire to know all of the Orki monster. Put her nose against his neck and inhale. Stroke his skin, bite into muscle. Fondle his interesting and delicate ears. Trace the scars on his face.

She’d place his hands over her aching breasts while she licked him, rub her slit against his muscled stomach until the lips parted and her clit kissed him. She’d tell him that she

wanted him.

Turn her bottom to his face and beg him to spank her, hoping instead that he would taste her there the way he had offered yesterday.

The things that went through her mind were outrageous. How could she want that? Even think it? Something had shaken loose in her brain, and she was losing her mind now. He’d broken her.

Corrupted her. There was no way these ideas were normal."

What Indulgent Desires thought:

"Finding Her Luck’ is a surprisingly hot and delicious read. Isoellen has successfully combined fantasy and sex in a way we hadn’t anticipated.

A fantasy story with a D/s style dynamic between the 2 main characters – Urku-ri (the Orki leader) and his chosen Re-dress Corrin. There are very descriptive, intimate details of the sexual relations between the pair as they explore their passionate, intense romance. BDSM elements are incorporated throughout the story with some really hot sex scenes!

This novel is a must read for lovers of fantasy erotica and Omegaverse style novels."

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