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Erotic Hypnosis

By Syd Richardson

Despite being surrounded in scepticism, it’s a very real fetish and hypno kink fans have long sung it’s praises.

Erotic Hypnosis

Did you know there is a fetish called ‘hypno kink’?

Erotic hypnosis lets the hypnotised individual access parts of their brain that can lead to numerous different pleasurable experiences.

However, it’s surrounded in scepticism but, it’s a very real fetish and hypno kink fans have long sung it’s praises.

Syd Richardson has ‘researched’ this topic for us and says “hypnosis as a kink is a growing community..........


What does ‘Hypno Kink’ make you think of? Maybe it's something you have never heard of let alone considered. Maybe it's something you have only seen in pornography films – typically an evil hypnotist making a beautiful woman obey his every command.

Regardless, Hypnosis as a kink is a growing community and at its basic is about using words to relax a person, eventually putting them into a trance. While they are in the trance they can be gently nudged to do something or to feel a certain way. Although the common portrayal of hypnotists is that they can make you do anything, it is more accurate that they can open you up to do things you have always wanted to do but may have had anxiety, guilt or trepidation about doing. A good hypnotist won't try to make you do something to make you uncomfortable, unless that's what you have asked for.

Sometimes this is done by text, sometimes by voice. You can get files (longer recorded sessions that take you down into trance), loops (shorter recording that you listen to again and again for it to sink in) or you can get a custom recording that suits your needs…………….and that's an important thing………while the hypnotist will no doubt get pleasure from putting you into a trance, especially if it's in a D/s situation, a large part of the kink is catered towards fulfilling a need.

The variety of content out there is staggering. Do you want to use hypnosis to make you horny for exercise? Done. Do you want to use hypnosis to release your inner bimbo? Yes, done. Do you want to use it to strengthen your submissive urges to your Dom/Domme? Also possible.

I think one of the reasons people enjoy this kink is around control – either wielding or relinquishing.

Like most things, there are always good and bad practises. The best hypnotists will put in fail safes to make sure that if you feel unsure or suddenly need to do something else, you can come out of trance and feel fine. Some research and questioning will point you in the right direction for what is best for you.

And this is just a glimpse into the world of hypnosis. We haven't even talked about watching videos of other people being hypnotised. Or about what the hypnotist gets out of the exchange.

Or trigger words. Or the pleasure of becoming a mindless drone.

Maybe that's something for the future.

But if you're interested, it's all out there ready for you to explore.

So just close your eyes, relax, and sink into it.

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