30 Days in September Photo Challenge

Indulgent Desires

SWL Photographic wanted a photo challenge so here it is.

SWL Photographic wanted a photo challenge so here it is.

We want him to post a fresh picture everyday in September based on YOUR themes and ideas.

We have, once again, joined forces with our friend Kinky Challenge who is also asking his followers for suggestions.

Between Indulgent Desires and Kinky Challenge we'll pick our top 30 then issue the list to Stefan.

Let's see what wonderful scenes our followers can come up with.

We know he normally sets the rules but this is our turn for a change:

  1. The photographs must be taken between now and the end of the challenge - no cheating by using edits of archived images.

  2. We will prioritise your ideas.

  3. In the event we get more than 30 we will select the ones that we feel best represent IDs brand.

  4. In the event we get less than 30 we will supplement with our own suggestions.

  5. Stefan will be allowed artistic license to interpret the themes as he sees fit.

  6. Illegal or immoral requests will be ignored and may result in us blocking you.

  7. Ideas must be realistically achievable. Take a photo of "insert celebrity name", parachuting over Venezuela might be entertaining but unless you're paying the travel costs, hotels and negotiating with the celebrity would not be possible.

If you are following us on Twitter drop us a comment in the thread below or DM us on Twitter, alternatively send us an email with any suggestions:

Thank you for your suggestions so far - keep them coming though:

  1. Shelley

  2. Stefan selfies

  3. A woman in rapture

  4. Repentance

  5. Outdoors featuring the sea or lake

  6. Serendipity

  7. Pretty panties

  8. Fire & ice

  9. Facial

  10. Pride & Prejudice

  11. Suspension & Shibari

  12. Sun & moon / light & dark

  13. Remote control

  14. Yin yang

  15. Gluttony / foodplay

  16. Queens & Goddesses through time

  17. Lovers from the past

  18. The erotic art of words

  19. Beauties & the beast

  20. Grimm's fairy tales

  21. Dark Disney

  22. Seven deadly sins

  23. Pain & pleasure

  24. Freedom & captivity

  25. Desire

  26. On display