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The late guest

by Hansa Bosbach

The late guest

It was just after dark when I arrived at the house for the dinner party. Parking in the drive I turned off the old VW and stepped out. I had been told it was black tie. I hoped they didn't mean bow ties. I never thought I looked good in those. Smoothing the lapels of my dark grey suit I walked to the back door of the car. Opening the door I leaned in and removed the gifts I had brought. In a wicker basket I had arranged a bottle of old scotch for Stefan and a brand new Jennings gag for Shelley. I hoped they would enjoy them.
Shutting the car and locking it I walked up the drive and knocked loudly on the wooden door to the house. Oh sure. I could have rung the bell. But what fun was that? I had arrived fashionably late, I observed as I waited. There were a few other cars parked around the house and I could hear music and laughter from inside. They must have already finished dinner I thought as the door opened and a soft light tossed my shadow out behind me on the lawn.

Shelley stood in the doorway, completely naked but for the collar around her neck. She quickly invited me in, trying to hide herself behind the closed door no doubt. But I knew Stefan would enjoy me teasing her a bit. I made small talk with her and insisted on showing her the gifts I had brought as I stood in the open door. Shelley blushed as I showed her the gag and was visibly nervous as I drew out the conversation leaving her exposed in the open doorway. Then I heard the distant sound of a car approaching. And I could tell by how her hands fidgeted on the handle of the basket that she heard it too. But I still had a little time to hold her with inane comments on the weather and how nice her collar looked.
I could see Stefan over her shoulder grinning. He knew exactly what I was doing and was finding it difficult to hold back his laughter. Just as the car's lights swept around the corner and onto the lawn I stepped inside and shut the door behind me. By this point Shelley was blushing all the way down her chest and her hands shook as they held the basket. I pretend not to notice as the look of relief swept across her face as the door closed.

Walking past her to Stefan, I grinned as he clapped me on the back. Leaning closer he said "perfect timing, well done my friend." I laughed and smiled, adjusting my black tie. "I figured I would arrive late and miss dinner. I had a few things." I grinned, "I needed to tie up before coming." Stefan just chuckled and motioned down the hall. "Come on the group is all in the living room having drinks."
Following Stefan into the room I couldn't help but enjoy the array of eye candy. Everyone was either in various states of undress, or in the case of the men, wearing a suit. There was a string quartet playing on an old fashioned record player and the smell of stiff drinks and sex mixed with vanilla from one of the ladies perfume. Sitting down in the large chair beside the couch I looked up at Shelley still naked but now holding a tray of drinks. "I believe I saw a bottle of Japanese plum wine on the bar as I came in. Fetch me a glass, half full with a single cube of ice."

Turning back to the room I lean back in my chair and take in the room. There are several authors I know, the men in suits, the ladies wearing little or nothing. I smile appreciatively at one who has her legs spread and is teasingly sliding her hands up her thighs and across her lace covered pussy. Chuckling I turn to Shelley as she comes back with my drink. "It appears the drinks are not the only things that are wet tonight."

Stefan laughed "you should have seen them at dinner. I got to see a very unique way to eat fried chicken." He said motioning to Shelley's lower half. I turned to look just in time to see her try to hide the grease smeared across her thighs with the drinks tray. Looking up at her she pretended to scowl at Stefan. "I think I saw a bit of breading still stuck to the inside of her leg." I said with a grin as I sipped the sweet cold liquor from the cut crystal glass.

Shelley may have turned a bit red as she hurried away no doubt to go to the bathroom and check for crumbs. While she was gone I turned to Stefan once more. "There were no crumbs on her. And she will no doubt come back and give me a very dirty look for tricking her. I believe I have set the trap nicely. Let's see if she takes the bait." Stefan just barely managed to keep from laughing as Shelley walked back in.
Shelley glared at me and said "you Sir are not nice…" I fought the smile that formed by taking a sip from my glass as I heard the trap snap shut in my mind. Then Stefan was there beside her, grabbing her collar and dragging her to the center of the room. "You have been rude to our guest. Hands and knees ass up - NOW." She had been caught red handed and she knew it. And as she sunk to her hands and knees I lowered my glass just enough for her to see the grin now plastered on my face. The look as she lowered her head to the floor and raised up her ass was priceless. I could almost see the thoughts click into place as she realized she had been set up. This was going to be fun.

Taking up a crop that had laid against the leg of the coffee table Stefan stood behind her. "Apologize" he said with a dark tone. "He set me up! It’s not my fault!" Shelley said with a whine. The crop landed with a sharp smack that made Shelley gasp. "But… ", the word was barely out of her mouth before three more quick slaps landed across her upturned ass. I saw her hands clench, her knuckles whitening.
"If you won't apologize properly then you at least owe the man a drink." Stefan said with a smirk. Reaching back to the bar he removed a shot glass and knelt behind her. Pushing her knees apart he growled "hold still." I chuckled as I sipped from my drink, the sweet alcohol warming my belly as I watched Shelley tremble in anticipation. I couldn't see from the angle I was sitting but the gasp from Shelley was enough to tell me what Stefan had done. No doubt the shot glass was now firmly lodged in her pussy.
"I'm sorry! I won't do it again." Shelley said as Stefan picked up a wand from the table. "Too late my little slut… you had your chance." said Stefan as he pressed the wand between her legs. "This is your punishment. I will stop when you have completely filled the glass with your disrespectful juices." Shelley mewled softly but said nothing, then he turned on the wand.

It started slow, the trembling moan building to a howl as Stefan turned the wand up to high. Pressing his free hand in the middle of her back he held her in place as we watched orgasms one after another ripple through her body. Stefan raised his hand and brought it down with a smack on the back of her thighs alternating between them.

"Cum hard Shelley. Show them with your body how sorry you are." It took about twenty minutes of pleasure mixed with pain before the shot glass was full. Stefan removed the wand, reaching inside her pussy to pull the shot glass brimming with her hot juices from between Shelley's legs. Holding it up for everyone to see we all smiled and clapped as the flushed and sweating Shelley collapsed onto the soft carpet gasping for breath.

Now I chimed in as Stefan turned to me with the glass. "Poor girl look how much she is sweating. She must be positively parched" I let my voice trail off with a smirk. Stefan grinned and turned back to Shelley, "Kneel, Hansa was kind enough to be concerned for your welfare even after you were so disrespectful. Kneel and thank him for his kindness."

Shelley slowly pushed her trembling arms under her and knelt in the centre of the room with her head bowed. "Thank you Sir for your concern." She said softly as I raised my glass as if in a toast. Slowly she took the glass with trembling fingers and lifted it to ruby lips. We all smiled and clapped as she drained the glass and licked her tongue around the inside to capture any stray drops.
Standing with a smile I clapped Stefan on the back. "You promised an entertaining evening, and you didn't disappoint! But now I am afraid I must go. Thank you for the drink and company, but I have a kitten at home that needs to be fed. By now I suspect she is probably feeling half starved." Stefan smiled as we shook hands on the way to the door, neither one of us mentioning how Shelley had been set up. As I climbed into the car I thought back to my night feeling my cock harden in my pants. Chuckling I started the car and pulled out of the drive thinking "Oh yes definitely time to feed the kitten."

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