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String of Pearls

by Lady J

String of Pearls

Her supple body lay across crisp linen sheets. Thick wavy tresses pooled down the middle of her back. She was promised something special tonight. A gift. A treasure. A symbol of his love for her.

The directions were simple. Lay on the bed and keep her eyes forward. Clear, straightforward, simple. That is of course until the click of the doors latch easing open. Simple, until heavy his footsteps came ever closer, slowly, with an even, measured gait. Simple, until his warm, calloused hand left a trail of fire up her legs wherever his fingers touched her.

Slowly, she tried turning her head, ever so slightly. She only wanted a peak. Tall. Shadowy. A spectre in the corner of her eye. And the harsh sound of a finger and thumb snapping. Immediately she straightened her head, eyes forward, glued to a spot near the centre of the headboard.

Despite the oppressive silence of the room, she knew he was smiling. Her barely restrained anticipation was evident, as her arousal pooled between her thighs. How she ached for him to touch her there. Release her from her torment.

She shivered slightly as something cool touched her skin. First one, then another, and another, until an entire string of small cool objects formed a heart shaped string of pearls, framing her perfect ass.

His hands traced the curve of her back before bringing to his chin. Feeling the coarseness of his stubble, he considered the smooth, silken softness of her flawless skin. The thought didn’t escape him just how different yet perfectly similar they were. He appreciated how petite she was as his hand spread easily across her back.

He recognized her strength and resolve. To relinquish her power willingly to him, trusting that he too had the strength and resolve to not abuse the power given to him.
Theirs was a formidable love. Passionate. Built on a foundation of trust and respect. He considered this as he took the string of pearls, letting the end trail along her spine to the base of her neck. He let a length slip over the curve of her shoulder before collecting it with his free hand. Pulling the string through the opposite loop, he saw her take a sudden deep breath.

Leaning close, he whispered in her ear.
“You know that I love you, that I will always take care of you?” He inched the string slowly through the loop.
“Yes Sir.”
“And you trust me?” Another few centimetres, the pearls beginning to close around her delicate throat.
“Yes Sir.”
“With no doubts or questions?” He cocked an eyebrow as he looked over her. Watching, waiting, but above all appreciating her obedience.
“Yes Sir.”
“Good girl. Because tonight,” he grinned as he finished pulling the string of pearls tight in his fist,

“I’m going to fucking wreck you.”

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