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Sex and the City

by Posy Churchgate

Sex and the City

My story [Sex in the City - Carrie's Dares] is about a couple who only know each other on-line and they call each other Carrie and Big. It's a very new relationship.

One morning he tells her to get ready for a parcel. In it is a pussy pump and she goes on-line to show him what it does to her. Then he instructs her how to dress up (trapping her erect nipples with rubber bands) wearing certain underwear etc. & she goes by bus to local shopping centre, nearly cums on the bus.

At the shopping centre he dares Carrie to masturbate to climax in the ladies - but be noisy, she gets stares and giggles from other ladies. Next he dares her to go into a ladies boutique and leave her sex soaked panties in the changing room. He likes the idea of her walking about commando.

What I'm sharing with you is Big's 3rd and final dare:

“Last dare Carrie! - you’re so fucking horny! Go shoe shopping, find a male assistant . I want him to touch your feet putting the shoes on, to get a glimpse of your naked pussy and a whiff of your female arousal.”
Hell fire! Big is a devious dirty man! What a tease he wants me to be. I sense he’s proud of me and my minxy ways, but this one’s a big ask; to flash my pussy at a total stranger, at such very close quarters! I feel flustered and unsettled at the outrageous challenge, and yet ... my pussy is heating up again, I want to take this dare!

It isn’t easy to find a shoe shop with male assistants, I walk in, scout round and walk out again about 3 times before I find one. The shoes are expensive but beautifully crafted and elegant so the sales staff hover at the edges of the shop, discrete but eager to help.

I make eye contact with a guy in his early 20s who hurries over. I point out 4 pairs that I like and then spin him the story that I’ve been in a car accident recently and my back is still too stiff to twist and bend, so could he help me try them on.

With a nod and smile he says “Certainly Miss,” and hurries off to the stock room to get the shoes in my size. I settle down on an upholstered seat and wait. Soon he’s kneeling at my feet with a stack of boxes, he reaches forward and begins to gently remove my boots. His fingers are just a little cooler than my legs and I’m very aware of his touch as he lifts my leg a little and eases the zipper down the boot, gently, as if any sudden move might cause me pain. He proceeds to do the same with the other foot and I wonder if he can smell wafts from my moist pussy from his low vantage point.

Next he reverently unwraps a pair of court stilettos from their tissue paper and gently eases my foot into the sole of the shoe. I allow my knee to rise up while he does this, but am not sure if he can see my lady garden. He carefully lifts my other foot to fit the shoe, this time I’m sure he gets an eyeful as he freezes just a little bit, but then he carries on fitting the shoe before asking how they feel, watching my face very attentively, suggesting I walk around in them. This I duly do, then sit again to try the next pair.

He’s just as solicitous, but I make sure to lift my knee higher than necessary so he can get a clear view of my ‘shaven haven’. I’m confident he can see it when his top lip begins to sweat! I wonder if he can see that it is hairless, or if he is surprised how swollen and engorged it is.

The next 2 pairs of shoes I try are strappy, they give him plenty of scope for handling my calves and feet while easing them into the shoes and tightening up the buckles on my ankles. He rests my foot on his leg which elevates it and he bends down low, supposedly to deal with each fiddly little fastening, but I'm pretty sure he's looking at my pulsing snatch.

I’m glad I’ve given myself a pedicure recently as my feet are soft and supple and my toenails painted a vampy claret colour.. As I walk around testing how the shoes feel, I make sure to stand over him while I admire them in the mirror, my short skirt brushing his shoulder. I feel sexy, voluptuous and desirable, a veritable sex doll!

“Would you mind taking a picture of me in these? I want to see if my fella likes them.” I smile at him sweetly and unlock my phone. Sitting back down I do an elaborate leg cross (of which Sharon Stone would be proud) then I strike a playful pose and he takes a picture, which I send to Big.

“Like them?” I text.
“Indeed Carrie! I’ll treat you!” comes his swift reply.
“I’ll take these.” I smile at the sales assistant, “he thinks they look hot!”
“They certainly do!” sales guy replies.
I glance at the trouser bulge he tries to hide as he gathers up the other shoe boxes. I feel another tingle of excitement. I made him horny with a few stolen glimpses of my snatch!

My phone sounds again, which makes my pussy throb with excitement hearing Big’s tone, it’s as if he’s training me to become aroused at his command.
“Did the assistant see your cunt?”
“Did it make him horny? Did he try to touch you?”
“Yes and No.”
“Buy any of the shoes which you liked, You have been very obedient today Carrie!”
At the till, the shop assistant still looks flustered but he also seems delighted when I add the peep toe pair to my order.

We ALL get a happy ending, I think to myself as I walk out of the shop, to catch my bus home; Ready and willing to perform delicious lewd sex acts for Big over skype. I'll bet he will want me to wear nothing but my new heels!

Love Posy xx

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