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Service à La Risqué

by Isoellen and An Anonymous Poet

Service à La Risqué

Awakening into
Sharp, bitter and mint
Stretching nude
And slipping into silk
She dresses carefully
Attention to each detail
She is empty and ready

Hours d’oeuvre
She's a dish served first cold
Warmed by his hands
his attentions
Before seating
He tastes in little bites
His fingers dine,
Lips to tongue
Questing, avidity.

His large hands lead
Smooth slow,
A whisper against skin
A tease, a torment,
A pinch
Ripening red
Core temperature rising
She’s salivating.

Seat taken napkin placed
her bent across his lap just so
He sighs
Takes it slow
Little sips long licks
Of tender nectar
Between palate cleansed
She weak at the knees

Cours de viande
Dressed, prepared
He opens her deliberate
A pinning back,
A tender pink slit
S l o w l y spitted, turned,
Juices dripping
Melting beneath his hands
Into rare-ready perfection
He bites hard into gasping
Hips twist, flesh taunt
Inner clenching, swallowing, taking
She’s fed. She eats.
He sinks deep and savors.

En plat principal
A main course
Prepared, tested, presented
His enjoyment and her fulfilment nigh
An arrangement
an assortment
of all her flavours
spread upon his groaning table
Each morsel an implement
or licked appendage
No longer supping
From the edges
Taking his time
He drives appétits
to begging rich sauces
all her senses completely inhabited.

Une assiette propre
Her open arms
Consenting yes to every course
Thighs wide
She is his delight
Seared, tasted,
devoured risqué
From ravenous cries
To blissful, fulsome, intoxicated sighs
Her meal eaten
Amour glowing, gratified.

A lingering in a cloud of desire
Saturates the air
Together consumed
With hum of pleased indulgence
Last treat luscious, succulent
Honeyed peaches bitten
Cradling chocolate dipped strawberry flesh
Rested in dollops and pillows
of heavy clotted cream
Staining lips
Fingers, sticky
Joy bright
by meals moody candlelight
Together basking, satisfied
With the final lingering lick
and his teasing, flickering kiss.

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