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My Domme

by Syd Richardson

My Domme

I want to tell you about my Miss and why I'm devoted to her.


Some people have power but don't know how to use it
Some people try to use size and strength to take control, to demand obedience.
Some people think that shouting commands is true power, making people do what they say.
True, this is a kind of power.
But my Miss has true power.
No hitting, no shouting
(Unless I ask nicely)
With just a glance she can make me do what she wants
With a gentle word I will obey her.
She has a quiet power, one of the strongest in the world.
The power to inspire lust and devotion.


There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than giving Miss pleasure.
And that can take many forms.
Sometimes it is telling her that when I look into her eyes it makes me feel like I could drift away..
Sometimes it's be providing her comfort when she needs it
Sometime it's to make her laugh, like when i wrote my name along the length of my shaft
If i'm lucky it is when she uses me. Ties me up and plays with my body for her amusement.
Or those rare times when she looks at me in a way that makes my stomach flip.
She leans against the wall and spreads her legs.
And she points down and tells me to get on my knees.
As I kneel there she flips her leg up and over my shoulder to pull me in.
My mouth tastes the wetness of her cunt and my fingers slip inside her.
Her hands in my hair, guiding me, using me.
Her gasps and moans let me know I'm doing well.
When she says “keep going, I’m so close” joy fills my heart
And when her orgasm hits and she shudders against me, there is no greater pleasure in the world.

“Pet, I am going to bed”
Yes Miss, is there anything I can do?
“Soothe me”
Miss is strong, Miss is intelligent, Miss can handle the world.
But sometimes Miss needs me to sooth her.
I help her undress and kiss her body and tell her how heavenly she is.
I pull back the covers of the bed and help her in.
If I see the look, I climb in beside her.
She likes to cuddle into me, to feel my heat and weight against her.
And sometimes she reaches over and puts her hand around my cock.
It's not a sexual thing, it's a protection thing.
Knowing I’m here and not going away.
She can squeeze gently and think “mine”

And that's why I give myself to her.

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