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Lockdown orgasms

by The Secret Submissive

Lockdown orgasms

Make the most of your free time with yourself in this lock down and experience amazing orgasms with my top five solo-sex tips...

Get Glamorous!
We all have those days when all you can be bothered with is a quick battery-operated buzz, to curb your cravings, before you roll out of bed and get on with the daily grind. That’s fine; that’s life! However, every once in a while, why not treat yourself and get dressed up a little? You will be surprised what a difference a slick of lipstick, a set of matching underwear, or even a pair of heels will do for your libido. Think of it as self-foreplay!
I love wearing a secret, kinky thong under my innocent-looking lounge wear, as I vacuum the living room and go about my mundane routine, just knowing that in a couple of hours, I’ll be heading upstairs to relax and treat myself.
I also love using my down time to take a few sexy selfies, while I’m looking and feeling hot. They do not need to be explicit and you don't need to send them to anyone (unless you want to!); just having them, for your eyes only, can be rousing.

Ifs and Butts
If you don’t own a butt plug, it is time to upgrade your toy box! Butt plugs are probably my favourite way to ramp up a masturbation session and I certainly have one for every mood. If you’re new to bum fun, start out with a small toy and a water-based lube, from a reputable company or even just explore with your fingers, to start.
Glass and steel plugs made you feel fuller and the squeezing sensation helps to push me over the edge far quicker than clitoral stimulation alone. If I’m in a playful mood, I often enjoy wearing a tail plug which I can tug on gently as I get closer and then pull up between my legs, to enjoy its comforting softness, as I curl up and recover.
Another favourite of mine are anal beads. Take your time and slowly insert them fully, making sure they are comfortable. If you then remove them swiftly, just as you are at the pinnacle of pleasure, the nodules will stimulate so many nerve endings, for an explosive orgasm!

Heat & Ice
Temperature play is a simple way to tune in to so many of your body’s receptors and alternating between heat and ice is a fun way to edge your body to a powerful orgasm.
An easy place to start is with the humble ice cube! Pop down a towel, relax back and slide a chunk of ice gently over your body, enjoying the sensations, for as long as you can handle. Try to glide over your nipples or between your lips for a more intense feeling.
I enjoy running a glass dildo under bath-warm or cold water before playing, for a different twist to my session. A (safely) hot dildo teamed with ice cube treatment gets me incredibly wet, unbelievably quickly. This is also a great one to mix with number four on my list…
Get out of the Bedroom!
Following on from number 3, why not move your morning fun into the shower and get downright dirty while you get clean? Imagine pushing back onto a suction-cup dildo or waterproof vibrator that’s mounted to the tiles, whilst your senses are enveloped in thick steam and a torrent of hot water rains down on your back… the thought alone is enough to drive me wild! For me, no bath or shower play session is fully complete without aiming at the shower head between my thighs so I can enjoy the delicious tingles.
Another favourite location, outside of the bedroom, is on the sofa. When I’m feeling lazy, after a tough day and I want to unwind, I love nothing more than to get comfy and watch TV, while enjoying a long and slow fingering session under a blanket. Stripping back to just using your fingers – no toys – will allow you to take your time and really connect with your body.
When you’re so relaxed and under no time pressure, you’ll find that you’re more in tune with yourself and more receptive to the movements that really get you going.

Try the Tango…
Spice up your solo session by teaming up with a friend or partner. Don’t let the lock down and social distancing ruin your fun! Sometimes, we just need a person to help us reach the magic ‘O’ and hearing somebody else pleasuring themselves or whispering filthy somethings into your ear can be incredibly erotic.
If you choose to take part in phone sex, sexting or cyber-sex, just remember to keep yourself safe and protected online. Build a smouldering atmosphere instantly by detailing what you are wearing and how you are touching your body. This can be a little awkward at first but you’ll feel more relaxed with practice. As things start heating up, move on to describe how you’re feeling and tell your partner exactly what you wish you could do to their body, in that moment!
Relinquishing control and instructing each other in guided masturbation can also be enjoyable.
Either way, just try to mirror their words with your movements to create a sense of closeness and intimacy and have fun!

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