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Lily’s First Blush

by Isoellen and An Anonymous Poet

Lily’s First Blush

Grey whispered growls
lambent lust of moonlight innocence
His aches awakened
His pulsing need
is stirred
His cravings
salivate to desires feeding prowl.

Uncovered, bare
skin to the air
Like milk of lilies untasted
Center tightly furled
Petals lay in waiting
Ingénue soaking in chastity
her quiescent fires unlit
dark predators chasing

Bestial lust taken
amid perspiration
Love bites
by primal appetites
Her moans and whimpers gently stilled
Red marks white pearls
passion spilt
among the lilies

Captured in astonishment
yet she readily receives
Arching into his fulfilling hunger
her banked flames lick Heated
when reticent hesitation
blooming acceptance
thickening divine
into pleasured surprise.

A devil's reward
for lust shorn
Pure lilies lie
bruised defiled
blushed and corrupted
Desires growling mate
satiated by ingenues
deflowered buds
to sacred power
in womanhood’s
sacrificial blooms.
Sweet salvation in sin.

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