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I become lost

by Isoellen

I become lost

I become lost
To seductions kiss
Dinner’s red wine heady bliss.
Lost in eyes that flash to green.
Lost in large hands
Smooth over me.
A caress over my dress
Until I’m standing
Heels and lace stockings
And nothing less.
Taken up, taken up
To heart-splitting bliss -
An intoxication so sweet
I want to sing hymns to it.

I become lost
In his hands and his kiss
When he paints
Fingers over white skin
Leaving stained
Dripping red wine sin
Last hesitations devastated
Lost and stepped over like clothing
Shredded like my proprieties.

He seats himself in a chair
Guides me between his legs
His lips delicately kissing
tongue carefully licking
All my sins away
Who owns you?
Who knows you?
His smile is wicked
Who takes you?
Who keeps you?

He draws the bowl near
Shining Summer cherries.
I brought as dinners gift.
Holding back sounds
Whimpers and questions-
I welcome
Hand smoothing
Bare hips, bare belly
Over my butt, my thighs,
My core,
hands guide, open
Stretching my stance.

He bites into a single cherry flesh,
Taking the stem, the pit

Before feeding me the rest.
And then with a handful
More of Summer’s red decadence
He looks at me with challenge
In his eyes – Seductions consequence
“Dare you?” He askes
And I do, I do,
Always. Every time
Every choice
Always Dare I
One by one, he counts them
Cherries disappear
Past shining, dripping pink petals
Do you dare,
Hold them now, he says
Don’t drop one
He says

And I gasp and tremble
Lost to seductions gentle
Lost to kiss
To Dare
To finding my ending.
And when large hands
Smooth over shoulders
And push me
Guide me
Lead me to my knees
So that I face
The black belt

Wrapped around his waist
Tears come to my eyes
When I surmise the price
Of daring seductions prize

I’m awash in emotion
Sudden sharp abashment
Self doubt, self loathing
This unfathomable arrangement
Bombarding me
“Dare you,” Seductions’ Risk
Says once more
Wetting dinner’s heady red wine
A glossy, rich smear, across my lips.
Fingers darting in
Coating my tongue
Telling me suck
Finding me
Leading me out
Of lost emotion.
Meeting my eyes
Drawing my hand to his
Belt buckle, drawing belt free
He uses black leather to collar me
“Dare you, deep.
Dare you me?”
He asks, to the edge of the chair
Unbuttoning pants and leading me there
Chained with leather
Holding cherries within
Naked, no ease
Lost to Seductions

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