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Excerpt from The Chair

by Hansa Bosbach

Excerpt from The Chair

Tying it between her ankles I ran it under the chair and up the back. Making a loop I lifted her chin with my freehand so she was facing the ceiling. I smiled looking down at her.. here was the woman I had wanted for months. Bound to a chair.. with my cum still leaking out of her ass.. her eyes shining and her chest thrust outward. Gorgeous. The collar around her neck lay in stark contrast to her sun kissed skin. Taking hold of the ring I twisted it around backwards and passed the rope through it. Two quick knots and a gentle pull pinned her head back against the chair.
I bent and retrieved the final two items from the box. I held them above her so she could see them and smirked down at her. It took her almost thirty seconds to work out what I had planned. Again her eyes widened.. God I loved to make her do that. In a voice still husky from her earlier pleasure she whispered plaintively "you wouldn't…. Would you sir?" My smirk turned into a full grin. "Oh yes… I absolutely… would."

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