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Dark Dreams

by Posy Churchgate

Dark Dreams

She hastily unbuttoned her blouse to free her breasts from the confines of their satin cups. She felt shameless sitting with one hand up her skirt and her tits exposed, but playing into her fantasy that she was being watched, it was thrilling. She pinched each nipple hard. The intense sensation, equal parts pleasure and pain, caused further throbs in her pussy. Alternating between each nub, she maintained fresh triggers of sensation. Bolts of lust raced from her chest to her pussy. Gail imagined her dominant lover commanding she torment her tender flesh as he watched her squirm. She was aware that her liquid arousal, which coated the plump flesh of her pussy, had trickled downward, tickling her butt crack. She’d never experienced such a copious flow until she’d begun reading about restraint and dominance.

In the story, His Toy was struggling to hold back her climax. Gail’s own hips were straining and tensing in sympathy. To delay His Toy’s gratification Sir instructed her to change position. He fastened her bound wrists to the dungeon’s winch, cuffing a spreader bar between each ankle. With her legs pushed wide apart by the bar, there was no disguising the evidence of His Toy’s arousal. Lines of her lubrication stretched until they snapped, dripping puddles on the hard floor.

“You love this, don’t you, you dirty bitch?” Sir’s English accent was heavy with apparent distaste. His Toy simply nodded with a mixture of lust and shame. He cranked the winch up until His Toy could only just stand on her tiptoes. With arms and shoulders pulled taut, her breasts and pussy were on full display.

“Let’s see how much you can take,” Sir growled, clamping a clothespin on each of His Toy’s already swollen nipples. Gail bit her lip. Despite how agonizing that would surely feel, her own slit moistened even more. “Six stripes. Count please.” Sir’s commanding voice was emotionless. As he rained strokes across the flesh of his submissive’s buttocks, she yelped. Trying to remain in place, she counted. Her voice cracked with the sobs she was holding back. Sir flung the crop aside to grasp His Toy around the waist, drawing her toward him while lifting her at the hips to position her onto his engorged penis. “Don’t you dare come,” he demanded. Then he used one hand to brush both clothespins off her trapped nipples. “Sir! Pleeeease!” His Toy squealed with pain as the blood rushed back to the fleshy pinpoints. “Come!” Sir roared before rubbing each nipple tip in turn. His Toy bucked and thrust wildly on him, her juices running free. Her pussy pulsed and throbbed around his length. Using her bound arms for leverage, she rode her master like he was a bucking bronco on a dude ranch.

Gail was now thrusting three fingers into her soaked pussy, administering pleasure combined with brutality. Shocked and excited in equal measure, the intensity of sensations she felt had her thrusting knuckles-deep inside herself. Her swollen clit pulsated in time with the squeezing of her pussy walls.
These stories seemed to unlock a different kind of passion in her, one she’d never experienced.

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