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Breakfast, Supper and After Dinner Drinks

by Lady J

Breakfast, Supper and After Dinner Drinks


When we arrived, we were escorted to the dining room. Dark wood walls appeared to absorb the light save for one that shone on the table’s centrepiece. I smiled as I caught one of my subs blushing, unable to remove her eyes from the woman who lay spread out on the table.
“See something you like, little one?” I whispered over my shoulder, arching a sculpted eyebrow in her direction.
Eyes downcast, she gave a simple nod.
“Well, if you behave today, we shall see what may come of the evening for you.” That got her blush spreading throughout her face as she smiled at the possibility to play.
Glancing around, I nodded to the other assembled guests. Aside from our hosts, we were the last to arrive which suited me fine. I liked the attention of making an entrance. The invitation stated that it would be a black tie event, and from what I had seen so far, it was not disappointing.
For the breakfast I opted for a simple black dress. My neck was adorned with my finest pearls with an antique cameo that settled comfortably above my ample cleavage. I would change later into the evening wear that my boy was dutifully preparing. Heaven help him if there is even the slightest wrinkle.
I took my seat at the table, my sub kneeling next to me as I admired the view in front of me. The way the centrepiece’s legs were splayed open with her hands on her knees was intoxicating. I could see her smooth lips already glistening as the thought of so many eyes on her inevitably turned her on. As I breathed in the centrepiece’s scent, I couldn’t help marvel at the obedience that our hosts had commanded from her.
It didn’t take long for the group to break into conversation. Idly chatting as our hosts arrived. I couldn’t help taking an appreciative glance myself as Stefan and Shelley entered the room.


After a brief afternoon nap, I sat at the gilded vanity touching up my makeup before dinner. The guest rooms were as lavish as the rest of the house. A plush, king sized bed sat centred along the back wall. Its heavy oak frame was adorned with strategically placed metal rings that appeared to be simple decoration to the casual observer.
I was finishing applying my lipstick when a soft knock came from the door. I glanced in the mirror to see one of the serving staff standing in the entrance as my princess opened the door. I could just hear the hushed tone of the servants voice as she informed my sub that dinner was to be served in a half hour and that we we invited to the main dining room for a pre-dinner cocktail and an amuse bouchée.
I entered the dining room to the sound of hearty conversation and laughter. I glanced around taking in the attire and general mood of the other guests. While I retired for a bit of rest, many of the others had migrated to the lounge for drinks. I grinned inwardly. I may not be at their level of inebriation, but I was refreshed and had the stamina for what I was certain to be an interesting evening to say the least. And judging from a few of the less than subtle glances in my direction, I was going to need it.
The waitresses were dutifully delivering fresh cocktails and collecting empty glasses. They would wait obediently as one guest, or another would grope and fondle them until they were finished. Much to the delight of one the gentleman sitting at the table, one of the waitresses had disappeared beneath the table for an amuse bouchée of her own.
I had my gin and tonic replaced as the first course was brought out. By the third course, I was feeling more than relaxed as the abundance of gin I had been consuming was taking effect.

After dinner drinks

The library was filled with the intoxicating scents of cigar smoke, whiskey, and unrestrained lust. We gathered to sit, sprawled on plush couches and chairs, our appetites sated with wine, food, and sex. Many of the guests were still in various states of undress while others, myself included, had taken the opportunity to quickly freshen up before cocktails.
I sat, watching and listening. I had no need for conversation, choosing rather to let my ravaged throat have a moments respite while I relaxed. My pet, ever so obedient as he was, was diligently massaging my feet, while my little princess kneeled beside me, taking my drink and refilling it as needed. She was all smiles of course, having been on her best behaviour and getting to sample the delightful breakfast table centrepiece who was now doubling as one of the lounge’s tables.
I had lost track of how many hands were roaming my body over the course of the evening. Pinching, grabbing, groping. I knew I would be sore for days to come as I swallowed, feeling the whiskey burn a slow, cleansing path down my throat. I shifted slightly, a small whimper escaping my lips as the tenderness of my backside became all the more apparent. It had certainly been a while since I found myself on that side of a lash.
With a deep breath I relaxed, letting the pain and the whiskey do what is meant to do; clear my thoughts and bring me peace. Looking around the room once more, I made eye contact with our hosts. I raised my glass in silent thanks, smiling at the thought of future dinner parties to come.

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