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Another Girl

by Kinky Katie

Another Girl

It all started when he suggested inviting another woman to join us for a night. As you can imagine, I had some worries and concerns which we talked about. Although I remained nervous, my natural desire to try new things won in the end. I had two main requests. Firstly, I did not want the other woman to just be a younger, hotter version of me, I wanted a woman who looked quite different to me. Secondly, I never wanted to feel left out. That was my biggest concern about a threesome with another woman, that I would feel excluded in some way. He was happy with the first request and assured me that I did not have to worry about the second. In fact, he was keen that most of the action was between me and the other woman.

Now, I have never been with another woman before - so I was a little apprehensive about my first time. I was also aware that I was the most submissive of the three and that prospect, of the other two taking control, made me more comfortable with the idea. The evening was arranged; He and I met at his flat and then headed out to the restaurant. We had chosen a boutique little venue with discreet booth seating and opulent décor. Just as we took our table, his friend arrived. She was stunning - tall, long legs, gorgeous curves with beautiful dark skin and long dark hair, a perfect contrast to my blonde hair and blue eyes. But more importantly, I liked her. We sipped champagne and the conversation flowed easily. She and I chatted and giggled and started to flirt. I could feel my arousal building. He sat next to me, his hand caressing my thigh, moving up under my skirt to explore my stocking tops. She sat opposite me; her high heel left on the floor so her foot could stroke my legs. I wanted them both.

When dinner was finished, he suggested she and I went on ahead to get acquainted while he paid the bill. She slipped her hand into mine as we left the restaurant. We stepped out into the cool evening air and she pulled me towards her. She kissed me longingly creating a spectacle for the diners on the other side of the restaurants glass frontage. I giggled partly from the champagne and partly from the intoxicating effect she was having on me. We entered his flat and both slipped out of our dresses admiring each other in our sexy underwear. I wore a dark blue silk balcony bra with matching thong, my legs encased in stockings and suspenders. Her beautiful dark skin contrasted against a cream corset and French knickers. We knelt together and started to kiss. I was desperate to feel her lips against mine, but we also knew the sight we were creating for when he would enter the flat a few minutes later. Her lips felt plush and her tongue probed into my mouth. It felt different to a man's kiss, softer, more sensual and highly arousing. She tasted sweet and delicious. She caressed my shoulders, making me tremble beneath her touch. Her hands moved down my back and unhooked my bra. She pulled the silk from my body and cupped my breasts in her hands. I sighed softly as she stroked at my needy flesh.

I heard his key in the door and then him entering the room. I heard his sharp intake of breath as he drank in the sight of the two of us in our underwear - kissing, her hands on my exposed breasts. "Would you care to join us?" I breathed huskily. "I might just watch a while", he retorted and took a seat on the sofa. She kissed along my collar bone and then lower, sucking my nipple into the warmth of her mouth. I moaned wantonly. She sucked harder, letting her teeth nip at my delicate flesh. I heard him unzip his trousers. I could picture his straining cock. I felt emboldened and I reached around her, unhooking the dainty clasps on her corset, finally tugging it from her. She giggled and pushed me down onto my back. Her lips found mine again and our near naked bodies rubbed against one another. I relished the feel of her bare breasts against mine. She trailed her tongue down my body and down my neck, circling my breasts again. I whimpered as she licked over my stomach. Then I felt her fingers tugging at my thong, pulling it downwards, sliding it off me and tossing it to one side. Her lips found my inner thighs, teasing me with soft little kisses. I groaned with my own neediness.

Slowly she pushed my legs wider and parted my lips. My hips bucked in delicious anticipation. "You are so wet for me", she purred. I nodded hungrily. She dipped her head and her tongue stroked my clitoris. I cried out with pleasure. It was too much for him. I heard him dispense with his clothing and join us on the floor. His mouth found mine, while her mouth worked between my legs. His hands started to play across my breasts, while I wrapped my hand around his throbbing cock. I enjoyed his kisses and his playing with my breasts, but nothing could compare to the feel of her mouth, her tongue, her lips pleasuring my pussy. As I started to writhe on the floor, he lifted my hands above my head, pinning them down. The feeling of restraint heightened everything. Her soft mouth felt so exquisite. "Please", I begged, unsure even which of them I was appealing to. "Yes, cum for me Beautiful", she encouraged. I bucked against her tongue. She increased the pressure on my clit. The sensations overwhelmed me. My body jerked against his restraining hands. My back arched as my orgasm embraced me. My juices squirted, coating her mouth and chin. I lay for a moment, relishing it, four hands softly touching me, reassuring me. I opened my eyes to the sight of the two of them whispering. They saw the slight apprehension on my face, and she smirked.

"He is choosing which size strap on I should use on you", I moaned and bit my lower lip coquettishly. "He suggested the largest one", I rolled my eyes but felt my pussy clench with anticipation. They turned me over, so I was on all fours. He sat if front of me, moving into position, so he could wrap my hair around his hand and push my mouth down onto his thick cock. I started to lick up and down the length of him, as I felt her move closer behind me. I felt her delicate hands on my hips as she pushed the toy against my slick opening. I cried out as her hips pressed towards me, the thickness of the toy stretching me open. She bucked her hips and I felt the toy push deeper into me, filling me. I luxuriated at the feel of her hands running over my body, her legs brushing against me as she thrust into me. He thrust harder into my mouth as he praised the beautiful spectacle before him. The air was thick with the sounds of our pleasure. My mind was intoxicated with her and what she was doing to me. My pleasure exploded. I came hard for her, her name on my lips as I cried out. My body trembled with the intensity. As the waves of ecstasy subsided, I invited her to come and help me with my task. I did not want him to feel left out. She came to join me, as we both licked up the length of his cock, our eyes and tongues meeting at the top, our gaze reflected what the other was thinking - that we both wanted to get back to enjoying each other.

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