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Anal - a tale of two experiences

by Max Bonny

Anal - a tale of two experiences

Anal… the first time
“I love you, of course I’m prepared to try anything…”
Those words led to other words… “Stop, please stop, I really mean STOP, IT HURTS!”
He stopped and that was it, never again would I try anal sex with my boyfriend, soon to become husband. He kept on trying, of course; I’d tried it once so why wouldn’t I try again? I liked him putting a finger or a vibe up my bum when we had sex so why shouldn’t I try proper anal sex again? The answer for me was simple but too complicated to explain to him… yes I loved the sensation of being penetrated up the bum but… he’d hurt me once so that memory would always remain; no matter how much lube he said he would use!

Anal - the second time
When I saw Carl, I knew I wanted him… I know that being a married woman this is wrong but… you can’t take away feelings, especially when they make your pussy as wet as mine when he and I first made eye contact.
My husband was chatting to his mates at the bar when Carl walked in, I saw his toned body pushing through his tight white t-shirt, he saw my look of lust and we nodded at each other and both made our excuses for the next few minutes.
Carl owns a pick-up truck which he’d parked in the pub car park; he dragged me by the hand straight to his truck, out of sight of the pub but without even getting in the truck, he pulled down my panties and started to rub my pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet he was making me, I needed his cock inside me there and then. Fuck the foreplay! Instead he started rubbing my pussy juice around my arse before pushing first one, then two, then three fingers up my bum… In my mind I was waiting for the pain and a repeat of the one time I had tried anal… Instead I felt Carl put the head of his cock against my arse and push slightly, he put a hand around my waist and stroked my clitoris… I practically begged him to push his cock up my arse there and then.
He pushed and the feeling of my clit being rubbed and his nice hard cock up my arse was immense, I leant forward, pushing my arse out slightly so he could push deeper inside me whilst I relished every stroke as he fucked my tightest hole from behind. I tried to savour the feeling of every inch of his cock being pushed inside of me and hoping that each time he pulled away it wouldn’t be the last… After what felt like a lifetime of bliss he bucked against me, pushed his cock deeper and I felt his warm, sticky cum let loose inside my bum; this was too much and as he pushed his way inside me for the last time I had the most amazing orgasm… my legs tightened, my hands clenched against the side of his truck and my pussy and arse went into the most amazing spasm of bliss…
If only my boyfriend hadn’t been in such a rush before I could have been enjoying this sensation years ago. Instead it took one unfaithful moment and a very experienced man to show me what I had been missing all these years.

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