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ID: Advice

By The Therapist et al

ID: Advice

Q1: I’d like to try bondage, how do my partner and I bring this to the bedroom as neither of us has tried before?

A: It’s something I have fantasied about too. Communication and trust are important. Talk it through with each other and do a spot of research. Plus, keep it simple. You don’t have to invest in bondage ‘kit’, (unless you want to of course), ties, scarfs and tights can all be used for your play experience.
(Answered by Max Bonny)

Q2: I’ve always been straight but I’m finding myself fantasising about being with another woman. This is a new feeling for me. I’m happily married and don’t know if I should tell my husband. What do you think I should do?

A: It’s very common for heterosexual women to fantasise about other women. Why wouldn’t we? Women are hot creatures! I would only consider telling your husband if you think he might enjoy watching you with another female and it is something that you’d really like to explore.
(Answered by Max Bonny)

Q3: I always thought porn was for men only. I followed a link out of curiosity from my husband’s email and I was incredibly turned on by what I saw. Do other women feel like this?

A: Hell YES – porn is for women too! Women watching porn is totally normal. Some women feel curious about sexual techniques and view porn to learn more; others enjoy pornography to enhance masturbation, or they watch it to spice up their love life with their partner; sometimes women just watch out of curiosity.

Whatever the reason there’s an undeniable truth - women like sex just as dirty, kinky and exciting as men do.
(Answered by The Therapist)

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