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ID: Advice

By The Therapist et al

ID:  Advice

Q: My friends told me licking a girl's pussy is wrong, my girl says it's not fair that she sucks my cock but I won't go down on her. Are my friends right or should I give her what she wants?

A: DO NOT be like this young lad! Your mates are wrong, give your girl what she wants. We think you’ll enjoy it as much as she will!
(Answered by The Therapist)

Q: Since my early teens I've fantasised about being a different sex, as I've got older it feels less like a fantasy and more like I have been born in the wrong body. I feel ashamed to admit this to my friends and family who can I turn to for advice?

A: Well you’ve already taken the first step addressing it, which can often be the hardest. Coming to terms with the fact that oneself may in fact be transgender can be quite frightening.

There is the self-realisation, and then the unfortunate shame and fear that you mentioned. However, let me say, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

As hard and scary as it is, you should try opening up to someone you trust for support. There is also a large community of trans folks online that will often help; either by being a friend, offering guidance, or more.

I would strongly recommend seeking out a Counsellor in the lgbtqia+ community who specialises or has knowledge on this subject to help guide you. You are going to need someone at some point if you plan to pursue transition so this would be an excellent way to start. Being trans is far from linear.

There is a hard truth that comes with transitioning though, and while I do not want to frighten you, I also don’t want to sugar coat it. – transitioning is a hard road that can often be quite lonely. However, despite that, it is also the most thrilling adventure you will ever go on because you will feel whole, complete even, and there is something to be said about the happiness that brings regardless of any hardships.

Having said all that, only you will know what’s right for you. And only you will know what path you will take.
(Answered by Lady J)

A: Seek professional guidance and never be ashamed of who you are and the journey you may choose to embark on.
(Answered by The Therapist)

Q: I'm stuck for ideas for a Christmas present for my wife, I've been thinking about getting her a sex toy but don't know what to get. Have you got any tips?

A: Christmas is a time for indulgence so when you’re picking a sex toy, make sure it’s going to leave her feeling nothing but sexy and exhilarated. Avoid being too adventurous – save that for when you’re choosing toys together and instead, think carefully about what she enjoys the most in the bedroom. If it’s penetrative sex, a vibrator or a dildo could be a good choice. I love glass toys for their effortless beauty, smooth finish and easy-clean nature. Consider the size and shape and if in doubt, go for something similar in width to the cock that she loves the most! If she enjoys oral sex, a clitoral vibrator or massager might be perfect for her (check out my review (insert link to article with review)!). I would only recommend an anal toy if this is something you have explored before and you are confident that your wife enjoys anal play. Her Christmas gift shouldn’t make her feel nervous. If your wife does enjoy anal play I suggest a jewel-ended steel princess plug as it is pretty much the kinky equivalent to jewellery. They come in a range of colours and sizes so you’ll definitely find one that suits her.
(Answered by The Secret Submissive)

A: Glass dildos and jewel-ended plugs are really pretty – they definitely make great gifts. Take TSS’s advice and we’re sure your wife will love her present!
(Answered by The Therapist)

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