The intimacy of wax

by Max Bonny

The intimacy of wax

I love candles, they can help create and set the mood for an intimate evening with your significant other. They can also be used for wax play - an intentional act of dripping wax on your partners body.

However, and this is REALLY important, do not use ‘regular’ varieties. I made the fatal mistake of doing this initially and it burned A LOT! Invest in bondage candles, (typically made of soy), as they have a much lower burning point so are safer to use. They also make for a far more pleasurable experience. And trust me I would know!

Wax play is very sensual, it looks pretty too if you play with a selection of colours.

Trusting your partner to cover your intimate areas in hot wax makes this a very personal experience. And while some areas are a bit more ouchy than others, in general it’s not ‘painful’ (unless you want it to be of course!).

Giving your lover the ‘reigns’ to create their own masterpiece is pretty damn sexy. Watching them concentrating as they cover you in wax and then seeing them getting aroused is intoxicating....

As well as the sensation / heat associated with dripping wax, tapping the wax when it’s hardened is something that is definitely worth exploring too. It’s actually my favourite element of wax play. I think because tapping the hardened wax creates an effect that almost feels like a vibration - very enjoyable if tapping the clitoris!

But perhaps the best part is getting cleaned-up. Removing the wax is relatively straightforward and ‘usually’ comes away in one ‘piece’ (although there will always be small bits that hang around). Sharing a warm shower with your partner after is a great way to end play. There is something very loving about allowing them to help wash you. Leave towels on a radiator and dry one another – the heat helps remove ‘tricky’ bits of wax and on these darker winter nights wrapping each other in cosy towels feels like you’re giving each other lots of TLC. Then I would suggest getting in bed together for some sensual sex.

Go slow, and spend lots of time on foreplay - For intimacy go with positions that either let you remain face-to-face for easy eye contact and kissing, or positions that allow plenty of full-body touching.

Max Bonny top 5 tips for wax play:

1. Shave / wax those intimate areas beforehand!
2. Remember to use bondage candles not ‘regular’ home varieties. Bondage candles have a lower burning point so are less likely to burn skin!
3. It’s worthwhile putting down a plastic covering or old sheets before you play. Hardened wax can be tricky to remove
4. If you have long hair - tie it up. You definitely don’t want to get wax in your tresses!
5. Running ice cubes over the still-warm wax, or tapping on the hardened wax can also be a ‘pleasurable’ experience